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Community Chef: Pastor’s wife shares grandma’s cake recipe

She is a stay-at-home mother of five (four girls and one boy) and homeschools her children. She wanted to share one of her family’s favorite sweets, Cinnamon Nut Cake. This cake is a family recipe from Tim McCool’s 91-year-old grandmother, Mrs. B.B. Springer. Source: Tuscaloosa News

Kidnap car recovered but missing boy, abductor not found

Jose Esteban Rodriguez and Juliani Cardenas haven't been seen since about 4 p.m. Jan. 18, when the 27-year-old man allegedly grabbed the boy from his grandmother's arms at her home in Patterson. Ten days after the kidnapping, and after numerous searches of ... Source: Merced Sun-Star

John Rosemond: Baby boy likes to bonk his head on crib

Q: Our only child, a 10-month-old boy, bangs his head on the headboard of his crib when ... My standard recommendation concerning this second category borrows from one of Great-Grandma's Parenting Aphorisms: Leave well enough alone. The important thing is ... Source: Akron Beacon Journal

This boy rides a pony to school

The boy of the house is getting ready for school ... Like other children, Chitra too spent his childhood in his grandma's lap listening to fairy tales. He loved the story of the little prince who would ride across the seven seas and thirteen rivers to ... Source: Times of India

This guy did the Ray Lewis dance at the Celeb Beach Bowl

We also go to do interviews with Josh Cribbs, Alan Covert (Grandma's Boy is one of my favorite movies) and Ray Rice for bmorebirdsnest.com. I also was interviewed by media members such as Mike Florio, Tony Bruno, Christopher "MadDog" Russo, Rich Gannon ... Source: Baltimore Sun

The Right's stuff

Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Louisiana’s boy wonder Gov. Bobby Jindal ... A sign on a book cover read, “Grandma’s not shovel-ready.” A guy in a gorilla suit wearing a sign reading “DEBT” around his neck high-fived me. There was zing in the air ... Source: New York Post

The Most Under-rated Movies of All TIme

Their odd relationship is compelling to watch. Vivian Pickles is hilarious as Harold's mother. It also has a good soundtrack is by Cat Stevens. 2 Grandma's Boy. In 2006 Nicholaus Goossen directed his best film with Allen Covert (who appeared as Adam ... Source: Associated Content

Actor and comedian Kevin Nealon visits ABC7

January 28, 2011 (PRESS RELEASE) (WLS) -- With his unique sense of humor, profound dry wit and likable demeanor, Kevin Nealon has established himself as one of the premiere television, theatrical and stand-up comedians of his generation. As a cast member ... Source: KABC

Verti Marte draws a hungry crowd on re-opening day in the French Quarter

I haven’t had a po-boy since they burned. I didn’t want to disrespect ... Other popular menu items are lasagna, Grandma’s meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and Spinach Artichoke Supreme. “We actually boil the chickens here,” said Hatfield’s son ... Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune

Charlie Sheen And Toxic Fame

You do not say that about that Martin Sheen's lovely boy!" she'll say. You see, the Sheen family is in her house twice a week, between 'The West Wing' DVDs starring dad Martin you bought her and Charlie Sheen's sitcom. You don't speak that way about ... Source: Town Hall