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The Grown ups
The grown ups
Jacob tryin' to be cool
grown ups
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Little Grown-ups 4
Sissy and Me
grown ups
My Baby
Grown Ups
Grown Ups 2010
silly faces
The Grown-Ups
Facebook for Grown-Ups
most of the grown ups
Grown Ups
Grown Ups
grown ups are having fun as well
Grown Ups
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Disney Dream cruise brings magic to kids and grown-ups

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. — The christening ceremony, complete with elaborate musical number, fireworks and a 16-foot champagne bottle, was typical Disney. The 4,000-passenger Disney Dream certainly has some wows, such as a 765-foot "water coaster" featuring ... Source: Nashville Tennessean

"Grown-ups" could stop "birther bill"

Despite Republican state legislators' claims that they have the votes to pass the new "birther bill," the "Sunday Square Off" panel this weekend says "grown-ups" will step in to stop the bill from becoming law. The bill would require presidential ... Source: AZCentral.com

'Purim for Grown-ups'

Bringing a message of the unity of all religions and a "new cosmology" that honors the planet, the founder of the Jewish Renewal movement, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, will lead a weekend of prayer and teaching in Ashland for the Purim holiday ... Source: Ashland Daily Tidings

So... Any Grown-Ups Want to Discuss Obama's ACTUAL Speech?

Obviously we've all gotten a lot of mileage out of the groundless hysterics--based exclusively on a speech nobody had heard or read yet. And I had a good of a time as anyone. But it's worth mentioning that here--in our Universe--President Obama actually ... Source: DAILY KOS

Grown-ups can make use of a snow day, too

Another day, another blizzard. Here are 50 ways to spend a snow day if you’re a grown-up stuck home from work. 1. Make an abominable snowman. It’s like a regular snowman, but less friendly to passers-by. 2. Practice math and script with your kids. That ... Source: Northwest Herald

Grown-ups, stop tattling

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Most of us are familiar with that saying, but many have forgotten its intent and have evolved into over- sensitive, thin-skinned whiners. She said this and he said that. He called me this ... Source: Modesto Bee

AARP Awards like their movies with a grown-up appoach

Taking the best movie for grown-ups prize, “The King’s Speech,” about the struggles and growing friendship between a stuttering prince and his speech therapist, proves that smart, thoughtful adult entertainment still has a hope in Hollywood. Source: Los Angeles Times

Report pounds home need to help start-ups

Without start-ups, there would be no net job growth in the U.S. economy ... The statewide network of angel investment groups, which has grown from five groups to 23 in six years, should continue to evolve to include more early-stage and later-stage funds ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

FedEx vs. UPS: Which Is the Right One to Buy? (Hint: Go With The Higher Dividend)

Beyond the P/E, there are more differences than similarities. FedEx has a dividend yield of only .53% versus 2.62% for UPS. Both companies have grown their dividend at a similar rate over the past five years. FedEx trades at a price/book of only 1.99 ... Source: Seekingalpha.com

Health care sign-ups lag

Special page: Read more about health issues being faced in Southwest Florida. A six-month-old federal insurance program for people with pre-existing medical conditions has grown modestly but nowhere near initial Obama administration predictions, new ... Source: News-Press