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Timbuktu ft. Chords - Bra bra
Lil'T - Straight up freestyle
Caleido - Gungadin
50 Cal Barrett Jon
Christopher Hitchens on Margaret Thatcher and Rudyard Kipling - Viewer Call-In Part 3 (1990)
Gunga Din
Phil Woods - Caravan
How to Get Out of Bailout With the Speed Hack(Xbox 360 and PS3)
Danny Deever by Rudyard Kipling (poetry reading)
Gunga Din W.Bad Company - Down To The River
♪♫ You Ain't Goin' Nowhere -- Bob Dylan (Acoustic Guitar Cover)
Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling (dramatized)
multilingual poetry trial run part 2
dboy cotw
Cal-IM Match vs Agility
Whore - Stoopid Jim & Reverend Gazebo bOB (tdsd / thedrugsniffingdogs)
Casper & Mandrilaftalen: Kronisk ironi
Rico Rodriguez - Man From Wareika - 08 - Gunga Din
Neil Diamond - Done Too Soon
God Knows I'm No Saint Paul
Why People Love Movies
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gunga din
Elorah Gunga Din
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
Gunga Din Movie shot here
Gunga Din dvd
Uknown Woman Cary Grant Joan Fontaine and Douglas Fairbanks Jr from Gunga Din
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
B-26B Marauder 148 Die Cast Model
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
Gunga Din German Program
Sam Jaffe Cary Grant in Gunga Din 01
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
Camping on Movie Road
Beware of Moon Men
Gunga Din
Alabama Hills Lone Pine
feelin like gunga-din
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
Gunga Din
Malcolm Gunga Din
Bar Hodgson's Gunga Din Vincent
Gunga Din
gunga din jumping
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Famous People Who Died on January 18th

was a famous wrote The Jungle Book, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Gunga Din 1903-1952 - Curly Howard was a famous American actor and comedian who played Curly as one of the Three Stooges-Don't you just want to poke somebody in the eye and make funny noises? Source: Associated Content

Tattle: Edwards goes from death to lout

Politician/philanderer John Edwards has allegedly asked his babymama Rielle Hunter to marry him - only three weeks after laying his wife Elizabeth to rest. Real classy, dude. The National Enquirer was first to report Edwards' proposal, and since it nailed ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News


Fred Blassie ended in a no contest. 1973 - The Brute and Mike Webster defeat Dutch Savage and Steven Little Bear for the Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in New Westminster, British Columbia, ending Savage and Steven's fourth reign. 1974 - Gunga Din ... Source: Pro Wrestling Insider

Palmyra Area School Board faces budget crisis

A patient awaiting a root canal might have felt a familiar atmosphere at the Palmyra Area School Board meeting on Jan. 13 — anticipation and concern. The most important topic did not appear on the agenda. In fact, discussion dealt much with another issue ... Source: PennLive.com

Jokey Memories of Spooky Encounters

Is the prospect “a touching and humorous novel from the author of The Exorcist a publicist’s dream or a publicist’s nightmare? Either way, that’s how William Peter Blatty’s new novel Crazy has been pitched to readers. It comes as the third in his ... Source: Santa Barbara Independent

Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' is Pretentious, Boring

A British jail guard overplays the old regimental discipline to the point that he seems a fugitive from "Gunga Din." And Patrick Magee, already an overworked cliche of Marat-Sadism for all seasons, gives under Kubrick one of the most embarrassing ... Source: Village Voice (blog)

Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Loughner, Christina Taylor Green – Who is Guilty

I read this post by Three Sonorans and felt I should share it. I have my own opinions to express first. You may read what I have to say and think, oh man, someone else trying to use a tragedy to promote a cultural agenda. I am not trying to do that. I may ... Source: Tucson Citizen

Realtors Ask Mortgage Industry to Ease Underwriting Policies

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) used the forum of its 2010 Conference in New Orleans to urge the lending industry to make things easier to qualified buyers to become homeowners . NAR appealed primarily to the public sector, i.e. FHA, Fannie ... Source: MortgageNewsDaily.com

V.I.M. - "Maggie's Last Party" (1991)

at inappropriate intervals throughout the day. You don’t win anything. But betcha can’t do it. And if you do, you’re a better man than I am (Gunga Din). Source: Popmatters.com

Jonathan Lethem on Wikipedia's 10th Anniversary

Hrundi V. Bakshi (Peter Sellers) is a seemingly nameless and faceless actor from India brought to Hollywood for a role in a film similar to Gunga Din. Overeager and clumsy, he greatly hampers the shooting until, in a last foul-up, he manages to blow up the ... Source: Atlantic Online (blog)