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My Nappy ROOTS Award winning documentary on Black hair.
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Kris long hair 2
baby hair
blonde hair mixed blonde
Scene Hair
Mhiya dyed her hair
hair rebond
next-day hair
new hair
Pretteh Hair
Semmeria Hair Studio
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Scene Hair
Hair Textur IMVU my design
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Hair In The News

Does Barack Obama dye his hair? The first lady says no, but would any politician admit to doing it?

Does he or doesn't he? The Clairol question came up again Wednesday on the "Today" show when Michelle Obama was shown side-by-side photos of the president taken on Jan. 19: His hair is salt-and-pepper in the morning but looks darker later in the day. A dye ... Source: Washington Post

Now YOU can run a comb through Justin Bieber's hair!

ALWAYS wanted to play with Justin Bieber’s gorgeous locks? Well now you can. Next Friday, Justin Bieber hits the silver screen nationwide in his debut movie Never Say Never , and what better way to heighten Bieber Fever than with some of your favourite ... Source: OK!

Michelle Obama on 'Today' show: President doesn't dye his hair (video)

First lady Michelle Obama continued her full-court press to mark the one-year anniversary of her "Let's Move" anti-obesity initiative, joining NBC "Today" show host Matt Lauer for an interview that bounced from Egypt to hair dye to Facebook. Lauer first ... Source: Washington Post

Michelle Obama's Super Bowl junk fest: really ok?

On the day that should have been spent marking the first anniversary of Michelle Obama's "let's move" initiative to end childhood obesity, the first lady has been rigorously defending her Super Bowl party menu : cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza, buffalo ... Source: Boston Globe

More Hair, Less Sex To End Crisis

Belgium’s path to the world record of a country without a government–it’s on track to beat Iraq later this month–has gathered international attention, as markets mull if they should worry that the impasse will undermine the country’s financial ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Super Bowl Media Day live: Green Bay Packers' A.J. Hawk on hair

Super Bowl Media Day, the day that each year makes you weep simultaneously for the future of mankind and sports journalism, is underway with an hour of access to the Green Bay Packers first in Dallas. Expect the same silly questions, repeated repeatedly ... Source: Washington Post

Florida's Rick Scott has Liberals tearing their hair out

Florida Gov. Rick Scott obviously loves his job. He must because he's obiously having a lot of fun. Take his latest effort: Scott won't ask Washington to approve an old Voting Rights Act rule so that he doesn't have to implement a law barring the ... Source: New York Post

How to Grow Healthier, Longer and Silkier African-American Hair

A lot of African-American women wish they had long silky hair. They try to achieve these styles by using quick weaves, sew-ins, micro braids, etc. Some African-American women think that there is no chance of their real hair becoming long and silky. We have ... Source: Associated Content

How you straighten hair could be unsafe

Women with hopelessly frizzy, untamed hair have come to depend upon expensive keratin treatments that transform unmanageable locks into glossy, straight Jennifer Aniston-like 'dos. (In fact, Aniston reportedly uses the treatment.) "It makes me feel ... Source: CharlotteObserver.com

Obama family health update: Smoking, hair dye, Facebook and his awful shirts

Because the American public, at least as represented by television interviewers, wants to know details about what's really none of its business in the lives of its political royalty, Michelle Obama was on TV this week spilling the beans about all kinds of ... Source: Los Angeles Times