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EL SUPERBEASTO - Susie X Vs. Hitler's Head
The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is Halloween: Violin
halloween 2 part 2
Hallowindow II - 2008
Halloween 2 Intro : The best Intro in the halloween saga?
Halloween II 1981 Main Theme
Fred on Halloween 2
Kingdom Hearts II - Halloween Town - 1st Visit - Part 1
Halloween II San Andreas Part 6 Of 9
Halloween II Soundtrack The Shape Stalks Again
Benny n' Lee Halloween Special
Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 2009 Theatrical Part 10 END
24. Love Hurts - Nan Vernon [Halloween II]
John carpenter movie themes part II ((stereo))
The Real Ghostbusters - Door to Halloween
Rob Zombie's Halloween II Review [2009] *WARNING SOME SPOILERS*
Rob Zombie Ups the Horror in 'Halloween II'
H2 Movie Trailer - Halloween 2 - HQ 2009
No Love - Halloween
Asu vs. Mrs.Elch STYLE BATTLE II - HALLOWEEN (skull make-up) pt.2
Halloween 2 '09
Halloween II San Andreas Part 7 Of 9
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Halloween II
James Halloween II
Ethan Halloween II 022
Halloween II
Halloween II
Halloween II universal dvd
Halloween II
Halloween II Nov'10
John Carpenter
Ethan Halloween II 030
Halloween II
Halloween II Banner
halloween II
Halloween II - AFS
Sheri Moon Zombi 4x6
Happy Halloween II
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Other Shows The Middle - "Valentine's Day II"

Sue is looking for the boy she met at Halloween. Brick is trying to impress a girl in his class. Axl has a new girlfriend. And of course, Frankie and Mike have their decades of marriage. Happily, each of those storylines also has some great comedy to go ... Source: A.V. Club

DVD Review: Adam Green Misses Mark With Ugly ‘Hatchet II’

I’m not sure any more after the boring, bloated, stupid “Hatchet II .” Blu-Ray Rating ... a horror icon from her work in the “Halloween” franchise but not the kind of adult actress who makes for an engaging lead. She alternates between panicked ... Source: HollywoodChicago.com

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

It's all in ones own perspective. I have loved all of Rob Zombies movies so far. I'd need a rewatch... But, my first impression of HALLOWEEN II was much like Nancy's: a major improvement over the original remake (which I like), and one of the best "pure ... Source: FANGORIA

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 4: Adam Green Part 1

AG: This year’s Halloween short was really tough because we were coming ... It changed drastically after that. HATCHET II was written in a week and then changed a little bit. The thing with HATCHET II was there were five years of thinking about it, of ... Source: DREAD CENTRAL.COM

"Hatchet II" On Blu-Ray

Hatchet II" picks up right where the original Hatchet ended. The quiet but hot-tempered Marybeth (Danielle Harris, Halloween) barely escapes the clutches of the mysterious Crowley (Kane Hodder, Friday the 13th), who has already murdered all of Marybeth's ... Source: Starpulse.com

Theater review: "Love" is more tell than show in Byers-Evans' debut

This new theater company grew out of the Hunger Artists, who for years hosted Edgar Allan Poe Halloween readings there ... The story of a World War II couple married 67 years, for example, shows us neither of them; their story is instead recounted by a ... Source: Denver Post

Lemmy thrashes things out

He has spot-on recall of venues and opening acts, like when the Cro-Mags opened for Motorhead on Halloween 1986 at the Aragon ... The documentary points out how Lemmy is a keen student of World War II. “I was born the year World War II ended,” he said ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Foodtown grocery store in Norwood, Bronx set to reopen after being ravaged by fire

Last week, snow drifts and plywood obscured the site of the Halloween blaze, now a vacant lot. Juliana Sanchez , manager of a nearby cell phone store, called it "an eyesore." "It looks like Dresden during World War II," Laiosa agreed. Harlan Lazarus ... Source: New York Daily News

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

But up until World War II and the period just after ... Was it that the stingy-brim trilby, so popular in Williamsburg that no Halloween hipster costume would be complete without one, made it safe for men to experiment again with broader brims? Source: New York Times

Here's to hoping there's a season

Dangerous Resurgent Team II in 2011: Dallas Cowboys ... they were out of the playoff picture by Halloween. With about 500 free agents hitting the market, including several Pro Bowlers, the guess here is that owner Jerry Jones puts lots of cash into ... Source: NJ.com