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Hearts of Darkness p5
Hearts of Darkness p8
Blu Ray and dvd update 4
Hearts of Darkness p3
BULALAKAW (Shooting Star)
Apocalypse Now - Blu-Ray Trailer
Heart of Darkness
Francis Ford Coppola foresees Youtube
Francis Ford Coppola Predicts Youtube
Francis Ford Coppola moment - 1st day of shooting
Francis Ford Coppola Inspires Young Film Makers.avi
Hearts of Darkness p1
Money, Method & Madness - Making Apocalypse Now
Hearts of Darkness p9
Hearts of Darkness - A Filmmaker's Apocalypse Dennis Hopper
Hearts of Darkness p4
TAVIS SMILEY | Guest: Francis Ford Coppola: Apocalypse Now |
528 Inception [Trailer] Dr. Len Horowitz
Hearts of Darkness p2
The American Dreamer - Part 1 (1971)
Hearts of Darkness p6
THE LAST HUNTER - Official Trailer
Hearts of Darkness p7
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The right and wrong ways to name a movie

A superb title, almost as superb as the filmmakers' decision not to remain faithful to the Conrad novella. "Heart of Darkness" is a somber, depressing, intellectual idea. The "now" in "Apocalypse Now" gives it a real sense of urgency. It sounds like an ... Source: Salon

$12.99 at Amazon: APOCALYPSE NOW 2-Disc Blu-ray

The actor also hadn't memorized his lines and insisted on improvising most of them. Coppola's wife, Eleanor, documented the chaotic filming of APOCALYPSE NOW in the 1991 film HEARTS OF DARKNESS: A FILMMAKER'S APOCALYPSE. Source: DVDTOWN.com

Exclusive: Director Brad Anderson Interview on Vanishing on 7th Street

Anderson discusses with us, among other things, why he decided to use shadows to bring on the apocalypse, and why he thinks people ... To make something scary, it gets harder and harder for filmmakers and storytellers. The genre evolved, whether people are ... Source: Shockya.com

Kevin Spacey mourns director’s passing

LOS ANGELES—Kevin Spacey is still mourning the passing of George Hickenlooper, the director of his latest film, “Casino Jack,” and “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse,” a documentary chronicling the challenges Francis Ford Coppola ... Source: Global Nation