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Brendan Burns destroying heckler at Leeds Fest 2008
greg fitzsimmons vs. heckler
XM8 Assault Rifle
Jamie Kennedy onstage ripping a heckler
Brian Tudor Heckler
Heckler did not know what he was up against
Do I want to fight!?
Heckler highlights
The Austin Incident [5-6] Doug Stanhope & Alex Jones Live in Texas [2004/8/13]
Comedian Answers Heckler's Phone
Stephen Lynch Handles Heckler (5.10.09) (Day 22)
Arj Barker & heckler
Aussie Comedian Brendon Burns vs Heckler [FULL]
HK USP Normal Cleaning and Maintenance, Part 3 of 3
Frankie Boyle vs Heckler
Heckler by Brian Tudor
The Austin Incident [2-6] Doug Stanhope & Alex Jones Live in Texas [2004/8/13]
Heckler & Koch HK416
Umarex H&K MP5K PDW 4.5mm BB Replica
The Austin Incident [1-6] Doug Stanhope & Alex Jones Live in Texas [2004/8/13]
Airsoft GI - ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal MK5 AEG
James Mullinger on feminism and dealing with homophobic heckler
Dave v Heckler 10 2 10
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00Snake Heckler amp Koch MP5K
heckler 2010
The Heckler 2
Heckler at HHN 08
hk 416
Heckler the Sheriff
Heckler upgrated
Heckler upgrated
Reign amp Heckler
Heckler Koch IMIZ1220
Heckler upgrated
Julia Heckler
heckler front view
Heckler at HHN 08
heckler 4 mos
Heckler (no graphics)
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El origen de la sirena de Starbucks quizás no sea tan mágico como aseguran sus fundadores

Si usted quiere oír la versión corporativa de por qué Starbucks borró hace poco el anillo verde de su logo —y, de hecho, la palabra Starbucks— puede escuchar a Howard Schultz, el presidente ejecutivo de la empresa, cuando explica con gran seriedad ... Source: Wall Street Journal

A public apology for recommending the recent Madlib live DJ set

It only got worse once the booing started. While people steadily trickled out of the room for the next half hour or so, the DJ became locked in a battle with one persistent heckler; every beat he attempted to play had a new chorus, as Madlib shouted "You's a fool!" Source: San Francisco Bay Guardian

Tennis' Global Evolution is Bringing the Sport To New Markets: An Analysis

The number of top prospects in the early 1980s could literally be counted on one hand. There was a great piece written by Tim Heckler, the CEO of the United States Professional Tennis Association, last year highlighting just how important the fall of the ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Still rotten in Denmark

Five years after the infamous “cartoon crisis,” many Danes still seem confused about what constitutes free speech and why it is important to defend. The Danish public is tired of discussing the case, worried that the debate is becoming a sectarian ... Source: Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

Nothing new here: Tiger Woods to skip WM Phoenix Open

In 1999 a heckler following Woods' group was grabbed by security at the sixth hole and found to have a gun in his fanny pack. - Also in 1999, Woods found his ball behind a huge boulder on the 13th hole and summoned fans to help him move it as a "loose impediment." Source: AZCentral.com

Black History Month, as we rewrite black history

But when Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley, dedicating a Civil War monument, referred to the role of slavery, a heckler yelled out, "You're a liar!" Apparently, so were the 1860 seceders, who talked quite a bit about the benefits of slavery. In January, the ... Source: Oregonian

80 Things You Didn’t Know About James Dean

It’s fast and clean and you go out in a blaze of glory.” 5. Dean was once suspended from high school for three days after attempting to throttle a heckler during one of his readings for an upcoming acting competition. 6. Before he was famous, Dean ... Source: Flavorwire

Medieval Scholar Hot on Trail of Starbucks Logo Cover-Up

And here is the same story embellished a bit in company co-founder Howard Schultz’s 1997 book Pour Your Heart into It: How Starbucks Build a Company One Cup at a Time where it goes something like this: [Fellow Starbucks founder] Terry [Heckler] also ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Man charged in Pa. kidnapping was convicted of similar charges in Mercer County

On Monday, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said the 2007 charges and the events surrounding them are strikingly similar to the charges that landed the 48-year-old man in jail on $9 million bail in Pennsylvania. Patterson is alleged to have ... Source: NJ.com

Army Sets Sights on New Rifle

In 2007, the M4 fared worse than three other weapons—the Heckler & Koch HK416, the FN Herstal Mk16 Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle and the Heckler & Koch XM8—in comparative reliability testing conducted by the Army. The current M16 and M4 in ... Source: Wall Street Journal