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DrAg QuEeN iN pRoJeCt RuNwAy 5
Hedda Lettuce and her new BFF - JAYLA
Hedda Lettuce performs for the 2008 HX Awards
Hedda Lettuce - lady gaga Bad Romance Parody
Hedda Lettuce-Guided meditation for the average man
2005 PILL AWARDS (Best of ADD-TV/Season 3) Part 3
Hedda Lettuce Stand Up - Part 3 Cher & Anal Bleaching.wmv
Miss Fag Hag Pageant:Talent - Miss Hell's Kitchen
Anal Bleach for Cats
Hedda Lettuce, Queens of Drag: NYC Ep4
Halloween 2009 2010_01_14_08_35_02.wmv
Blow Jobs, Hookups and Anal Bleaching - ROFL
It Gets Better - Mystique Summers RPDR2
The Marriage of Spiderchick - Part 3
Hedda Lettuce - Whitney Houston
Hedda Lettuce-What is a Drag Queen?
Hedda Lettuce's DragTastic LOGO comedy special August 2010
Hedda Lettuce performance at the 2009 - 8th Annual Aquafest Halloween Cruise
Barack Hussein Obama - Hedda Lettuce Rock Anthem
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Hedda Lettuce is coming to Keene
Hedda Lettuce is coming to Keene - Mailing
Hedda lettuce before BERSERK
Hedda Lettuce
Hedda Lettuce
Hedda Lettuce Ornament Back
Dave Julie Atif amp Ilona With Hedda Lettuce in P-Town
hedda lettuce
Hedda Lettuce Ornament Front
hedda lettuce
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Hedda Lettuce :: the Queen of Green heads west

Coming off the recent airing of the ultra funny comedy special Dragtastic NYC on LOGO, The Queen of Green Hedda Lettuce is packing her bags (and the ones under her eyes) and heading to the City on the Bay San Francisco for two nights of sure fun ... Source: EDGE Boston

Logo to air 'Dragtastic' comedy special tonight: Host Pandora Boxx gives EW a preview!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What exactly is One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic ? PANDORA BOXX: Dragtastic is a stand-up comedy special for drag queens, and they did one last year that was shot in LA and [ RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1 contestant] Ongina hosted it ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic NY World Premieres Monday, January 17th at 10/9

Following on the heels of last year’s first ever, all-drag stand-up comedy showcase, this hour-long special features a new line-up of today’s greatest drag stand-up comics starring Hedda Lettuce, Harmonica Sunbeam, Bianca Del Rio, Kelly Mantle, and ... Source: Examiner

Logo Celebrates 3rd Annual National Drag History Month

This January, Logo starts 2011 with a bold, glittered step into the new year by honoring the drag community with its third annual " National Drag History Month." This year's "National Drag History Month" will include the world premiere of "One Night Stand ... Source: Melodika.net

Larsen & Toubro Long Term Buy Call

Technical analyst Avani Mehta of Satguru Capital & Finance has maintained 'hold' rating on Larsen & Toubro Limited stock with a long term target. According to analyst, the investors can buy the stock to attain a target of Rs 2100 in the long run. Mehta ... Source: Top News India

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Alpha And Omega

She’s a take-charge wolf named Alpha. He’s a lackadaisical wolf named Omega. Used to roaming free and living life as they see fit, park rangers grab them and deposit both of them halfway across the country. Quicker than you can say ’road trip’ the ... Source: EDGE Boston