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Tool - Parabola (HD High Definition Music Video)
Konoha High School Chapter 4 part 1/1 (german/deutsch)
Chemical Brothers feat. K-OS - Get Yourself High
FREE! GFX Pack! - 35+ Brushes&Fonts + More! - acrezHD
A Mile High
Hüseyni Taksim - Köyde Sabah
Toshiba Camileo H30 HD Camcorder - Product Overview and Review Video
Spray paint sci fi art
Build a Chess Board. Pt.7- Hand-rubbed finish
Degrassi Junior High: The Best Laid Plans
Inside Gaming: Microsoft X10 & Bad Company 2 Single Mode: 2/3/10 (Machinima Video Game News) S06E08
Queen - Somebody To Love [ High Definition ]
God of War 3: Art Of The Game Part 2 of 5: Lead Combat Designer (SPOILER ALERT!) S04E02
Be Thou My Vision by Eden's Bridge
Modern Warfare 2: Tejb's The Art of Pissing People Off (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary)
Airline TV Show S1E01 The Delicate Art Of Saying No (1/3)
Highlights: Prince_of_Macedon vs |-TAoW-|-AHY (3 games)
Hensarling Questions CEOs of GM, Ford and Chrysler
Inside Gaming Plus: Transformers: War for Cybertron Interview w/ Matt Tieger & the High Moon Team
Bishop GE Patterson (Part 3) (Laying Hands and Praying) Luke Chap. 4 ~ The Spirit of Praise was too high for him to preach this one.
Best Call of duty Blackops Emblems - Ep.2
Machinima Today: 3/28/10 (Machinima News/Videos/Directors' Spotlight)
MI High, Series 2, Episode 1, It's a kind of magic, part 2
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Hand thrown vase-25
high art 2
Jag SS
high art
High Art
Finding Peace in Space 17
deborah poynton - high art
Finding Peace in Space 15
Knitting Sky Meadows
Why yes that is a Caravaggio- how's that for high art
Finding Peace in Space 16
Bugatti side view
Finding Peace in Space 11
High Art Museum
Pan-Am Porsche winner
Zora Arkus Duntov's Vette
Seek Freedom
Me next to some high art on Canyon Road
High Art Santiago
Jaguar SS
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Norwell High art students to exhibit at science center

The work of students in the Norwell High School Art Department will be on exhibit at the South Shore Natural Science Center, Norwell from Feb. 9 to 26. This year’s work is a representation of various students talents from Art I, Art II, Advanced ... Source: Abington Mariner

Trailer talk and high art

I've been spending a lot of time in trailers lately looking at art. At MASS MoCA, I saw Michael Oatman 's Airstream as part of "All Utopias Fell," which Tim Kane wrote about in these pages earlier this month. The gleaming, rounded aluminum body of the ... Source: Times Union

Ohio's exclusion won't harm new nationwide high-speed rail initiative, Transportation Secretary says

The applicants for high-speed rail money have come from the states," LaHood ... It took 50 years and we have a state of the art interstate system notwithstanding who got elected governor every four years." National Economic Council Deputy Director Jason ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Art and artists collide in CP's 'Inventing van Gogh'

First-time CP director Michelle Harmon rates high marks for meeting all the challenges that arose ... researched work likely to interest audiences with some knowledge of art history, those fascinated by van Gogh, or anyone curious about the process of ... Source: Baltimore Sun

Health fair founded by Dr. Oz comes to Benson High Friday, but a burrito-wrapping contest?

Highlights include sugar content in assorted beverages, stress-relieving art activities, massage lessons from Benson High School Health Occupations students, obstacle courses and relay races to promote cardiovascular exercise, a “make your own yogurt ... Source: Oregonian

High Art From the Drunk Tank

The main problem with most pieces of art is that you're not supposed to drink beer out of them. We know this from first hand experience. It's why we're not allowed in the de Young anymore. Heh. Anyway. Think about all the times you’ve seen depictions of ... Source: SFist

A Q-and-A With One of the Brains Behind Google Art Project

GT: How big is the Google Art Project team? JB: I'm not equipped to talk about the ... The artwork “microscope view” uses Picasa to deliver high-resolution captures of artwork. People can then learn more about the artwork they are viewing through ... Source: PC World

More Oregon students get high marks on Advanced Placement tests

Oregon students had the highest passing rates on exams in Chinese Language & Culture, Studio Art, Calculus BC and Japanese Language ... The Oregon Department of Education highlighted Reynolds High School – which launched its AP program four years ago ... Source: Oregonian

Sebring High art club project helps ailing student

SEBRING - Brothers and Sebring High School students Fermin and Anthony Saja each sat at a potter's wheel after school Tuesday, and in a few minutes formed clay into a bowl. After drying in a kiln, the bowls will be glazed by the students, and after a few ... Source: Highlands Today

Filer High art students create portraits of Peruvian orphans

For the art students at Filer High School, there were two challenges: They had to draw a portrait of someone they didn’t know, from a small photograph sent halfway across the world. They also had to put themselves in the shoes of that person, a child ... Source: Twin Falls Times-News