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I'm a Serial Killer.
Henry Louis Wallace - Serial Killer
Serial Killer [Menti Malate] Ed Gein - Il Macellaio di Plainfield 4/5
A Killer Among Us
Ted Bundy - Serial Killer - Documentary - Deranged - [part 4]
Confessions Of A Serial Killer Henry Lee Lucas (Part 3)
I'M A SERIAL KILLER! (Lunchtime w/ Smosh)
Snoop Dogg Serial Killer
Serial Killer Art | South Florida Criminal Lawyer John Contini
Dimitry G. - Action Panda (Serial Killer Sound v1)
Serial Killer Spits at the Cameraman / Temper Tantrum
Serial Killer [Menti Malate] Dahmer - Il cannibale di Milwaukee 4/5
Robert Ressler - Serial Killer - Documentary - [part 5]
HH Holmes: Serial Killer 2/4
Serial Killer - Serial Killers - Documentary [part 1]
Robert Ressler - Serial Killer - Documentary - [part 6]
Anatomy of a Serial Killer
Jerry Brudos - Serial Killer - Documentary - [part 1]
HH Holmes: Serial Killer 4/4
Aileen Life And Death Of A Serial Killer part 9/10
Macabre - Serial KIller (remastered)
Police Arrest Suspected Serial Killer
Ivan Milat - Australian - Serial Killer - Documentary - [part 2]
Alleged serial killer arrested
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Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
20. I don't care about your imperfections that's what makes me adore you 73. Isn_t if funny how day-by-day nothing changes, but then when you look back, everything is different 94. i want to be with you _till death_after it
Look For Me.
Keley Koski
Aunty Jack...
The Butcher
How To Be a Serial Killer
how to be a serial killer
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In praise of the page, fishing and witches, farming to forests

Not surprisingly, there’s a certain amount of overlap in “ The New England Grimpendium: A Guide to Macabre and Ghastly Sites’’ (Countryman Press, $18.95), but J.W. Ocker’s obsession with the macabre extends to the birthplace of serial killer Ted ... Source: Boston Globe

Evil Queens: A Royal Battle Royale Between Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts

Well, she did a decent job getting in touch with her darker side as an assassin in the action-packed "Aeon Flux" and she was definitely scary as a serial killer in "Monster" with all that makeup, but it will be interesting to see if the actress can pull ... Source: Associated Content

Coen Brothers on sharing the credit, genres they hate and ‘To the White Sea’

In the novel’s third act, it turns out that another reason this guy was so good at sneaking up on Japanese civilians and slitting their throats was that he’d done a bit of that as an Alaska serial killer. Ethan: We tried and tried to get that one going. Source: Orlando Sentinel (blog)

DA: Convicted serial killer murdered Joanne Pecheone in 1972

Investigators announced today that 19-year-old Joanne Pecheone was likely killed nearly 40 years ago as she walked home from school in East Utica by a serial killer who murdered at least two other women in the late 1970s. Oneida County District Attorney ... Source: Observer-Dispatch

DA: Convicted serial killer murdered Pecheone in 1972

He never knew Joanne Pecheone, investigators say, nor did he know anyone in the close-knit East Utica neighborhood where the 19-year-old teenage girl was heading as she walked home from school one blustery afternoon in January 1972. And when Pecheone was ... Source: Observer-Dispatch

No ghosts in old jail, but plenty of history to be told

Since closing the jail it has been used for several movies, including, “The Deliberate Stranger,” starring Mark Harmon as serial killer Ted Bundy. The world was a different place when the jail was built. Until the 1981 expansion, it had only one cell ... Source: Davis County Clipper

Jeff Branson Heading to 'CSI: Miami'

Blood Lust" - When a woman narrowly escapes death at the hands of a serial killer, Horatio will do anything to track down the psychopath, on CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, March 6 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source: SoapOpera Network

Sex scandal rocks A.G.

It was the same job later held by Carter. During a bar celebration of the 1990 conviction of serial killer Richard Grissom, Summerlin alleged Morrison turned to her and said that he loved his wife and kids, but was attracted to her. Summerlin said she ... Source: Topeka Capital-Journal

Being Human's Sam Witwer On Vampires, Celine And Comparing Aidan To Dexter

If you’re familiar with Showtime’s Dexter , you know that the series follows a serial killer who follows a code to only kill really bad people. Dexter’s thirst for blood but desire hold on to whatever shreds of humanity he has in him does sort of ... Source: Cinema Blend

Grant's link to Derksen 'bad science': expert

Waye was called by Grant's defence team. Waye has worked with the RCMP and testified in several high-profile criminal cases involving DNA, including that of B.C. serial killer Robert Pickton. Waye said he wasn't critical of all the lab work the Thunder Bay ... Source: Winnipeg Free Press