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Seduce Health: What A Google Guy and Health IT Exec Are Saying to Put the Spark Back into Your Health Life

But might there be a way to seduce people with medical advice ... was 30 percent more effective in getting women to have their breasts screened for cancer than traditional messaging. Seduce Health is now a volunteer effort with much of the staff support ... Source: Xconomy

Glitz and Glamour Fail to Conceal Shortcomings of SpeakEasy's 'Nine'

An old woman of loose morals corrupted the boy by teaching him how to seduce the female sex ... the cast’s exaggerated “Italian” hand gestures, makes it even more difficult to take Guido’s existential drama with any sort of sympathy. Source: Harvard Crimson

'Skins' recap: Happiness is a warm pill bottle

She's been institutionalized, and her pill binges seem to fall somewhere between desperate means of escaping from difficult situations and suicidal ... The first, a stiff, professional-looking, middle-aged woman calls her bluff when Cadie says she's happy ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Andy Bockelman: Love comes in many forms for Valentine movie-viewing

Love can lift you up even when your life has been full of tragedy, and no matter what you’ve been through, the right man or woman can make the next day ... Prison guard Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) has a difficult relationship with his son and co-worker ... Source: Craig Daily Press

Your Hometown & the United Nations’ Agenda 21

Translation: bribe, entice, seduce, flatter local officials ... by governments and legislators, by scientists, by women, by children — in short, by every person on Earth. The tyrannical implications are so stunningly transparent that it seems impossible ... Source: New American

Winegarner: Controversy over ‘Skins’ overblown

She had a difficult time figuring out why she was the way she ... I remember one episode in which an older woman tried to seduce RJ, who was a high school student, and no one I heard of complained about that. So why the sudden uproar against this show? Source: University Daily

Jane Lynch: Glee star on aliens, Ab Fab and a few pedigree chums

Over the years, she’s been in numerous TV shows (including The West Wing); her film roles include a hilarious turn as the poodle trainer in the mockumentary Best in Show and Steve Carell’s co-worker, determined to seduce him, in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Source: Daily Mail

Equality laws: I had my bottom pinched by the Duchess of Argyll once

I’m thinking particularly of those very difficult cases in which young women teachers are convicted of having unlawful intercourse with teenage male pupils. Increasingly, the courts feel obliged to treat them exactly like male teachers who seduce female pupils. Source: Daily Mail

Prophet Muhammad — 59: Seeking the high moral ground

Anas ibn Malik quotes the Prophet as saying: “Does any of you find it too difficult to emulate Abu Damdam ... He would not have insisted on the women, who tried to seduce him, to be questioned. Source: Arab News