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Husbands who love their wives (wife, fun,comedy,video,movie)
Army Husbands Finale
Charlie Dee - Have it All (Tiësto Remix) (Official Music Video)
Scientology: Jeff Stone's Changing Story
3/3-NRI husbands harassed extorted by DESI Wives by 498a misuse-kayda kanoon p7 news-18apr2010
Divorce and Remarriage Pt. 1
Krissie Newman and Nicole Biffle Interview Husbands
Freaky British TV
Feeder (Feeders over feeding Partners)
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The Buddy Bike - The Alternative Inline Tandem Bicycle
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Ms Random Girl
Watanuki 2
Wives with Husbands
Husbands and Wives
Edward C Lee
Hakuhei Sabi
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Husbands and Wives
Husbands and Wives
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In a Bad Economy Couples Love the One They're With -- And That's a Good Thing

Maybe this is not such a bad thing. Throughout history, marriages were economic units in which husbands and wives joined forces in order to keep life and limb together. Generally, the result was the creation of a culture where children grew up with both a ... Source: FOX News

Dennis Yohnka: Fresh ideas for surviving the hot-and-cold war

And hostilities continue yet today in homes and offices across the globe. Husbands and wives might eventually be able to find compromise -- even in a world so evil that it would create a dual programmable thermostat. This device effectively doubles the ... Source: Kankakee Daily Journal

EDITOR'S NOTE — An occasional look at government promises and how well they are kept.

The Gold Star Wives of America Inc., a congressionally chartered group ... It wasn't until a death they realized they weren't getting what their husbands thought they'd be getting." For the past several years, a measure to eliminate the offset has passed ... Source: msnbc.com

Commentary: Wives come up with rules that husbands can't understand

There are certain things that I will never understand about wives. OK, so that makes me no different than any other husband in the world, right? Well, you married guys must know what I'm talking about. Wives seem to come up with these rules, notions and ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Shannon O'Toole, wife of NFL coach, pens tome to debunk perception of 'gold-digging' NFL wives

These NFL women also claimed that 'male groupies' were much more likely to pursue their husbands and boyfriends than sexy female ... Do yourself a favor and learn how to use them," one of the other coach's wives told her. "Johnny surely won't be around to ... Source: New York Daily News

Davos Wives Versus Davos Mistresses Versus Aspiring Davos Mistresses

I can already hear the gnashing of teeth over this one. "Why does she insist that it is only wives? What about Davos husbands? Why is this so heteronormative, anyway?" Zzzz. The truth is that there are a lot more Davos wives than husbands. And the Davos ... Source: Yahoo Finance

Maud Baker Surprises Military Wives With Valentine's Day Bouquets

The bouquets are part of a care package that contains a special Valentine's Day video from their husbands. "We're honored to have the ... and specially prepared bouquets from Maud Baker, three wives will receive a Valentine's Day Makeover, including nail ... Source: PR-USA.net

Dads to Be and Pregnancy - Practical Advice for Dads to Be - Part 1

pregnant women change so much that dads to be often face some tough times during pregnancy and men often find that getting their wives pregnant was the only ... and that their husbands are there for them when they need them. Source: Associated Content

Husband Store and Wife Store

A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City , where a woman ... To avoid gender bias charges, the store's owner opened a New Wives store just across the street. The first floor has wives that love sex. The second floor has wives that love ... Source: Gather.com

Celebrations Spotlight: Rose and Thomas Batiste

He is in Kuwait for a year. Other details: I would like to be an encouragement to other military wives that are alone on their anniversary. It is nice to know there are other women going through the same thing when their husbands are full time military. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette