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A Chicken War in New York, Where Afghans Rule the Roost

Plates of battered breasts — all halal, to be sure — are served at local mosques after Friday prayers ... in nine states and Canada and England, are listed on kennedyfriedchicken.com . Reached by phone in San Diego, where he has long since retired from ... Source: New York Times

Couple's love stands test of time For 70 years, Lowville sweethearts have been each other's Valentine

Ivanhoe" is set in England during the reign of King Richard I. Master Cedric is a strong ... In the Navy, Mr. Freeman served aboard the USS Medusa in the Pacific Rim. "It was an old ship; the first repair ship ever built," Mr. Freeman said. Source: WatertownDailyTimes.com

The History of Kissing

Throughout the Middle Ages, kisses served as a demonstration of one’s social standing. A king’s subjects would kiss his ring ... During the Industrial Revolution, the hand kiss became popular in England and eventually evolved into the handshake. Source: Daily Beast

On Jan. 31, 1950, President Harry S. Truman announced he had ordered development of the hydrogen bomb

In 1606, Guy Fawkes, convicted of treason for his part in the "Gunpowder Plot" against theEnglish Parliament and King James I, was executed ... In 1917, duringWorld War I, Germany served notice it was beginning a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. Source: Chicago Tribune

Edward Pugel leaves behind legacy of athletic success and service to his country

Pugel was assigned to the 69th Infantry in England ... at the YMCA. He served as catcher for local standout Dean McKinnis, who pitched a 5-0 shutout victory over another local standout, Eddie Feigner, who went on to fame with the King and His Court ... Source: Longview Daily News

Behind the scenes at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Rowling, to the design of a ride system that could deliver the story in the Forbidden Journey. “We filmed the cast of the Harry Potter films in England on the same sets they used for the films. Then we installed the ride, projection, sets, lighting ... Source: Gizmag

I mend hearts. Then I see my patients served junk food by our hospitals

You would expect to see these delights on the menu at a McDonald's or Burger King ... what is served. What kind of message are we sending to our patients by routinely offering them such unhealthy food? Thanks to J amie Oliver, school meals in England must ... Source: The Guardian

Playing an exorcist is natural for Anthony Hopkins in 'The Rite'

Being in one of the most prestigious theater companies in England made him uneasy ... have a small range but are brilliant at what they do." Hepburn's words have served him well over the years in his film career, but he had to first control his rage - and ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

A Taste of Old Brooklyn

It started in 1916 as a humble hot dog stand and won international acclaim when Franklin D. Roosevelt served the King and Queen of England the now-famous 'dogs. For Spumoni (Italian ice cream) after a hot day at the beach, locals and visitors have enjoyed ... Source: The Epoch Times

The Myth of “Stability vs. Democracy”

All the hands involved in writing that document had served in or been educated by the Roosevelt ... an end to economic chaos—order in place of chaos” and wrote to the King of England, urging economic reforms to “establish order in place of the ... Source: Common Dreams