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Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized Frontier Records
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash(yumemachi)
Jack's Mannequin - Meet Me At My Window w/ lyrics
Fever - Peggy Lee
Samurai Jack
How To Play I Miss You by Blink 182 on the Piano
Toonami: The Intruder (The Complete Movie- Part 1)
The Asbestos - She (Sub - Esp)
british slang
Taylor Cover Jack Johnson
The Game - Black Monday - Where I'm From
I've Got 10 Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack-Underoath + Lyrics
I'm Just a Gigolo : Betty Boop -vs- Louis Prima
All time low - Painting flowers (Alice in wonderland)
Tenacious D squeeze box Rock honor the who
How you got to eat to get SWOL
Freeman's Mind - Episode 6 (Half-Life Machinima)
MC Tarquinius - Kids That Live For Free
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin Jack Flash - Live Rock in Rio
faith hill - there you'll be (pearl harbor)
All Time Low- Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal [Full]
Freaks and Clowns - Acoustic
Hot Female Russian Tennis Players
keith sweat ~ right and a wrong way
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"May the gods have mercy on your soul.."
akina and kalin
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Jack the Rip Her

(This all takes place in-game) I was sauntering along on my horse ... as if everyone else is involved happily in a relationship except you? I'm kinda there right now. What's worse? I've been talking with my best-friend in Florida and he's been telling me ... Source: 1UP.COM

NBA All-Star Game needs a shake-up

The fans got most of their All-Star picks right. But they missed a few ... the league’s president. I’m sure all of the players involved would greatly treasure a personally inscribed photo of David Stern. Once again, I’m surprised and disappointed by ... Source: FOXSports.com

Drexel's longtime wrestling coach, Jack Childs, will exit on top of his game

He's constantly on his feet, right up against the mat yelling ... time employee. "I told them, 'No, I'm an assistant professor here who's tenured. Why would I leave for a part-time job?' " By then he understood he would never win a national championship at ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

'How Do You Know' star Jack Nicholson: 'I really would like to have a mate'

Even Hollywood's older heartthrob Jack Nicholson can't have it all ... to do. "I'm definitely still wild at heart," he said. "But I've struck bio-gravity. I can't hit on women in public anymore. I didn't decide this; it just doesn't feel right at my age ... Source: New York Daily News

Jack Nicholson doesn't feel 'irresistible' any more

Ah, Jack Nicholson ... feeling his age. "I'm definitely still wild at heart," Nicholson, 73, tells the Daily Mail . "But I've struck bio-gravity. I can't hit on women in public any more. I didn't decide this; it just doesn't feel right at my age." Source: USA Today

Sports Legend Revealed: Was Jack Lambert ejected from a game for hitting a quarterback too hard?

FOOTBALL LEGEND : Jack Lambert was ejected from a game for “hitting a quarterback too hard." STATUS : I'm Going With False ... Lambert was, after all, on the light side for a middle linebacker. And the Lambert myth is so entertaining, so full of what ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Abu Dhabi: Jack Daniel's Racing race 1 report

TODD KELLY STARTS 2011 WITH TOP 10 FINISH IN ABU DHABI Jack Daniel's Racing driver ... which cooked the tyres. "With all that stuff going on if we had a better race we would have been in good shape. "So I'm quite excited about tomorrow but I'm frustrated ... Source: Motorsport.com

Engadget interview: SCEA's Jack Tretton talks Sony NGP, announces (and then un-announces) PlayStation ...

At this point all we're saying is it is proprietary storage capabilities, we're not getting into defining what it is yet. Ross: Was there internal storage mentioned? Not that I'm aware of ... is "only NGP" right now." ] Ross: Jack, it's always a pleasure. Source: engadget

Jack LaLanne was a healthy showoff to the very end

I don't follow all of Jack's advice. I prefer to chew my fruits and vegetables rather than cram them through a juicer, and the only supplements I take are vitamin D and omega-3 s. Other than that, I'm a firm believer ... superhuman right up to the end. Source: Chicago Tribune

Arnold Schwarzenegger eulogizes Jack LaLanne

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Legendary fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne saved millions of lives by teaching people to eat right and exercise regularly ... they became friends, he said. "I'm here to pay tribute to a legend, to someone who influenced me and made me a ... Source: CNN