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Inherit the Wind-stage crew style
Inherit the Wind Trailer
inherit the wind in the studio
Film Actors: Jacky Cheung, Nico Hartos, Jon Finch, Rod Garetto, Simone Simon, Shaike Ophir, Xavier
1960 Inherit the wind.mpg
Aaron Rockin - Inherit The Wind (Cover)
Academy Awards; Nominees and Winners-Leading Actor 1960-1969
Roseanne Inherit The Wind Part 1
Elvis Presley's Inherit The Wind sung by Shige (2009)
kevin spacey at stage door
Inherit the Wind: Act Two, Scene II
Inherit The Wind Part 7
inherit the wind
Bloopers To Inherit The Wind English Project
Spencer Inherit The Wind
Inherit The Wind Part 11
Inherit the wind 2
Inherit The Wind Practice 2006
Disinherit the Wind
Inherit The Wind Press Night Trailer
Inherit The Wind Adaptation
Inherit The Wind - Wilton Felder feat. Bobby Womack '1980
inherit the wind in the studio 2
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Storefronts 1
DEVOLUTION OF MAN from Inherit the wind 1960 - DEVO
Inherit The Wind
Inherit The Wind 2007
Inherit The Wind
Inherit The Wind
Inherit The Wind
Inherit the Wind
Inherit the Wind
Inherit the Wind 4
Anya (Hawker) Carter (Brown)and Jordan (Elijiah)
Lauren Cheniae Carter Gibson Annabelle Dragas
Storefronts yeah
Times square after Inherit the Wind (on Broadway)
Courtoom: Red
Inherit The Wind
Carter Gibson (Brown)Lauren Cheniae (Rachel Brown
Channing Brauer (Matthew Harrison Brady)
Emily Jones (Judge)
Inherit the Wind
Inherit The Wind
Inherit The Wind
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Inherit The Wind In The News

The verdict is in: Brecksville Little Theatre's 'Inherit the Wind' is a solid effort

“Inherit The Wind,” the classic drama originally written in 1955, fictionalized the infamous Scopes “Monkey Trial.” Now, 56 years later, the show is still frequently revived. Why? Simply put, it has lost none of its original relevance. Now playing ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Inherit the Wind' to be staged at OCU

Oklahoma City University students Ryan Miller , left, and Aaron Wertheim are among the cast of the OCU/ Oklahoma Children's Theatre coproduction of “ Inherit the Wind .” Based on the Scopes “Monkey” Trial of 1925, Jerome Lawrence and Lee" href ... Source: Daily Oklahoman

Brecksville Little Theatre readying 'Inherit the Wind' for the small stage

BRECKSVILLE — Continuing its 70th anniversary season, Brecksville Little Theatre is staging a revival of “Inherit the Wind,” a play that is just as much relevant today as it was in 1954 when it was written. For those not in the know, the play is a ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Browsing the Arts for Feb. 11-17, 2011

Brecksville Old Town Hall, Ohio 21 and 82. 440-526-4477 or brecksvillelittletheatre.org . Jerome Lawrence & Robert Lee's "Inherit the Wind." 8 p.m. today-Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. 02/11/11-02/13/11 $10. Case Western Reserve University. Eldred Theater, 2070 ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Religion, science again battle in superb ‘Inherit the Wind'

WORCESTER — Those durable adversaries, religion and science, are at war again in Worcester County Light Opera Company's stirring production of Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee's particularly timely chestnut “Inherit the Wind,” heating the ... Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Politics blog: Inherit the 'wind'

Can a powerful 'wind' turn the tables on Gov. Scott Walker? The Illinois Wind Energy Association has started a campaign titled "Escape to Illinois," a not-too-subtle jab at our governor and his bid to steal businesses from the Land of Lincoln. Earlier this ... Source: madison

The Good Word: Life imitates art for columnist

The lawyers in “Inherit The Wind” are based on two of the most famous, able, and widely respected members of the American Bar — Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. It is well known, and the basis of a huge number of jokes, that the legal ... Source: Dearborn Press & Guide

Weber and Glanville shine in “Wind”

Lee’s particularly timely chestnut, "Inherit the Wind," heating the Grandview Playhouse last night with fiery oratory. Based on the famed Scopes "Monkey" trial that in 1925 put a high school biology teacher, John T. Scopes, on the hot seat for teaching ... Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The White House Is Starting To Accept That The Current Pakistani Government Will Fall

What happens after that is anyone's guess. We've been pursuing a "realistic" policy toward Pakistan for decades. Soon we inherit the wind. Or as Brookings analyst Stephen Cohen put it recently: There is not going to be any good news from Pakistan for some ... Source: The Business Insider

The Serpent of Lynch Law: Racism and Murder in the Tropics

Eighty years ago this fall, America was electrified by a heinous story of hatred and paranoia--the basics of any racist narrative--doled out with ironically savage brutality. According to scholar David Stannard, what America missed was an impervious ... Source: DAILY KOS