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The Edge Of Love Trailer - Available on DVD now
Morrissey - How Soon is Now?
P.Diddy ft. Ginuwine, Loon & Mario Winans - I Need A Girl (Part 2) (Official Music Video)
Dr Reid Oliver's Story - ATWT - Part 84
Joni Mitchell - River (with lyrics)
Patsy Cline - So Wrong
You Never Know - Immortal Technique
So Long (Original)
Kenny Rogers - You And I (1983)
Christina Perri- Jar of hearts
Van Morrison // I'll Take Care Of You
❤•´ *`•.❤¸Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner❤•´ *`•.❤¸
guys next door-ive been waiting for you
[ELS] destiny's people
Sondre Lerche - After All
Gillian Welch - Winters come and gone
Kottonmouth Kings - Where I'm Going
Guys Next Door - I've Been Waiting For You
If I told you reasons why | Jacob & Bella |
Portal - Credits Song 'Still Alive'
Jesus Loves Me - Kim Eugene
Kristin Scott Thomas - Better With Time
태양 / Taeyang-Wedding Dress (female cover)
Ween - She wanted to leave
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Ive Loved you so long
ive loved you so long
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The love doctor is in: Dr. Helen Fisher talks the science of attraction

Have you ever met two people who were alike? I haven’t and I’m an identical twin. You’ve written extensively about monogamy and marriage in cultures around the world. I’ve heard people ... can become so traumatized by a bad love affair that they ... Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com

No Valentine’s love from me

This is something I’ve ... in love and expressing it, because in this tired and triifiling world we have too little of it! so happy V-day in advance to everyone, and hey if youre hot and play your cards right, U could even be MY valentine!!! If you have ... Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

GT Dave's Synergy 100% Pure Love Cure-All Kombucha Juice

There are about 1,947 words written on the bottle so I don't actually know ... or maybe it's yet another magical effect on the long list of magical effects the drink purports to achieve. Whatever it is, it feels gooood. I've been drinking kombucha ... Source: Associated Content

So far, Vinik doing things right as owner of the Lightning

People will love Jeff's ownership because he is so bullish," Bolts chief executive ... have a chance to inspire people." You can sense the change in all corners at the Forum, and that includes the dressing room. I've haven't seen Marty St. Louis this ... Source: msnbc.com

What makes love last?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Globe asked four long ... What have you learned from each other in 64 years? Lois: Oh my goodness. I can’t say what I’ve learned, there’s been so much. I’ve learned what love and kindness is about, and ... Source: Boston Globe

Oosterhouse: A playground goes a long way

Their eyes are so big, and you see all these families, and it’s really a community.  It’s definitely appreciated by the community, and you can see that from the parents to the kids.  The kids obviously love playing ... because I’ve been working ... Source: msnbc.com

Losing the one you love

Obviously, it goes without saying it's the hardest thing I've ever ... of love are endearing reminders of romantic feelings, but the real stuff of love -- why the connection to another person can nourish and sustain us over a lifetime -- isn't so easily ... Source: Delaware Online

Relationship Communication: How to Talk So That Your Partner Will Listen

The article was a follow-up to an earlier posting on " What Not to Say to a Loved One ... it may be that you might want to divide it up -- a few minutes of venting and sharing and then either drop the topic or go on to problem-solving. I've found that a ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

'Downton Abbey' finale review: How much did you love it, and what did you think of that ending?

(What about that long-lost wife of his?) • Is the adorable footman William doomed to be a World War I casualty? • Why did Lady Rosamund play such a suddenly prominent role so late ... and how do you think some of the plot lines I’ve mentioned here ... Source: Entertainment Weekly

What they said: Davis Love III

He was so nervous. You would think that one of the best athletes ... Question regarding his partner.) DAVIS LOVE III: No, I've got John Lennon from American Express. Long-time partner back from shoulder injury. He's fun to have though. Source: PGA Tour