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Tommy Savitt
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John Caparulo - Customer Service
Carl LaBove concert footage - Wildebeest
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John Caparulo amp I
John Caparulo
Lyndsey amp John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo
John Caparulo 2
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John Caparulo at MOA House of Comedy

Cap's first big break came at the 2003 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, where he impressed the industry observers enough to offer him a sitcom deal. It was then he was able to trade in his weed whacker for a microphone full-time. He then applied his ... Source: FOX 9 News

Tuesday TV: New 'Frontline,' End of 'Life Unexpected'

"Frontline" (WGBY, Channel 57, 9 p.m.) presents a variation in its format as a magazine, with two 20 minute stories and a 10-minute one. It's a format that allows the team to update stories and tell smaller tales. But one of the stories that kicks off the ... Source: Hartford Courant (blog)

Stand-Up Comedy Tips – Preparing For Open Mic Night

If you are considering a stand-up comedy career, then you are probably aware of open mic nights-where most new comedians are born (or hatched-I’m not sure). I want to give you a few quick stand-up comedy tips that you can use now to help you prepare for ... Source: Stagetime Magazine

Monoblogue by Neil Berliner: ATMs & Public Toilets

Neil Berliner is a writer for the syndicated late-night comedy talk show, The John Kerwin Show. He is a practicing M.D. and comedy writer, and has written aired lines for 11 major roasts since 2006 including Matt Lauer, Artie Lange, Mario Batali, Andy Dick ... Source: Stagetime Magazine

TV news and tips for Tuesday

Funeral Coverage: Several Toronto TV stations plan live coverage of the funeral for police Sgt. Ryan Russell on Tuesday. CTV Toronto will air a special edition of its News at Noon , followed by a CTV News special on the funeral at 1 p.m., while CP24 will ... Source: Toronto Star