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Judge Dredd Rant
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Judge Dredd - Death Metal Law Remix
Judge Dredd - Rifftrax Recycled Sample
Judge Dredd GB Walkthrough
Judge Dredd trailer music composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - Full Movie Part 6/9.flv
Toy Spot - Legendary Comicbook Heroes: Pitt Series, Judge Dredd Figure
Judge Dredd Trailer
Judge Dredd - O Juiz Trailer
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death walkthrough part 12
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - Stage 2
Rifftrax Recycled - Judge Dredd 01.mp4
Judge Dredd
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JudgeDreddSpanish dvd
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Judge Dredd 2
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Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
judge dredd
GGN Judge Dredd
LCBH Judge Dredd repaint
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
Loose Wire Judge Dredd
filled front view
Judge Dredd
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Judge Dredd Creator Gives Thumbs Up to New Movie

Things are looking pretty good for the new Judge Dredd movie, as the character's creator praises everything from the set design to the script. Following a visit to the Dredd set in South Africa, Wagner expressed admiration for the design of the Mega City ... Source: Escapist Magazine

Judge Dredd Creator Visits Set, Endorses Film

Over the years we’ve seen many adaptations from various media, comics, novels, classic TV shows, and the originators have not always been happy with the product. Case in point, look up how Alan Moore feels about the adaptations of his graphic novels From ... Source: Cinema Blend

Judge Dredd Creator John Wagner Talks Dredd

On The Set : "The film occupies all four giant buildings at the new Cape Town Studios. Sets looked great - grim! ... What I saw... was very Mega-City. South Africa's got something of Mega-City about it in any case. On the morning I was supposed to do an ... Source: 411mania.com

What's This? New Photo of Judge Dredd

Here’s a new behind the scenes photo featuring a judge riding a lawmaster bike in the upcoming remake of Judge Dredd titled “Dredd” by director Pete Travis (Vantage Point, Henry VIII) and starring Karl Urban (Star Trek 2, Priest, Red), Olivia Thirlby ... Source: Shockya.com

See the Judge's new digs and motorcycle in fresh Dredd set pic!

Admittedly, the last set-photos we saw from Pete Travis' 3D DREDD retool were pretty underwhelming. I mean, when a freakin' "Snackstand" is the main cause for excitement...wow! Anyway, 2000 A.D. got their hands on a fresh photo from the South African ... Source: JoBlo.com

Karl Urban takes the lawmaster bike to the streets in this set photo from Dredd

Judge Dredd is the law and this is his new lawmaster. Aside from Dredd's weapon of choice the lawgiver, his ride of choice has, "machineguns, a powerful laser cannon, and full artificial intelligence capable of responding to orders from the Judge and of ... Source: JoBlo.com

Full Armor and Lawmaster Bike Revealed in New 'Dredd' Set Photo

Though the cast of this comic book adaptation has some promising talent in the form of Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey, our first photo from the set of Dredd , the new adaptation of the Judge Dredd comic book, didn't impress some. While the ... Source: First Showing

First Look at Jugde Dredd's Lawmaster Bike and Full Costume Emerges

It will take us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot - if necessary. Source: AceShowbiz

John Wagner endorses 'Dredd' reboot

Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner has endorsed the franchise's upcoming movie reboot. Posting his impressions on Facebook after a set visit, the comic writer praised lead actors Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. "Very pleased with what I saw of Karl Urban ... Source: Digital Spy

Motherhood leaves Rakie with nothing to Dredd from acting

This might have something to do with the fact that the former Holby City actress has been spending a bit of time away from home of late, filming new science fiction epic Dredd. Based on the adventures of the uniquely British comic book hero Judge Dredd, it ... Source: WalesOnline