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Trailer Judgment at Nuremberg
Das Urteil von Nürnberg 01/18
Das Urteil von Nürnberg 15/18
Nuremberg Case # 10 Krupp
Classic Film Theme ~ Judgement At Nuremberg
1931-10-04 - Wilhelm Frick - Rede vor dem Reichstag
Nuremberg Day 120 Schacht (Jackson Cross)
Nuremberg Day 124 Doenitz
Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) - Part 3
German Newsreel Judgment at Nuremberg Part II
William Shatner 1961 Judgment at Nuremberg
Nuremberg Day 217 Judgment Part 6 (de Vabres)
Fredrick Töben after hand-down of 16 April 2009 Judgment at Adelaide, Australia
Judgment At Nuremberg -- (Movie Clip) In The Character Of Men
Das Urteil von Nürnberg 11/18
Nuremberg Day 94 Von Ribbentrop
Ernst ianning
John Kerry Testimony: On the My Lai Massacre - Vietnam War Hearing Part 5 (1971)
Nuremberg Day 117 Schacht
judgment at nuremberg verdict
Nuremberg Day 216 Kaltenbrunner Final
Nuremberg Day 217 Judgments Part 3 (Lawrence)
Nuremberg Day 217 Judgments Part 3 (Lawrence)
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Judgment at Nuremberg
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Judgment day for Nazi war criminals

Under the aegis of the US War Department, writer-director Stuart Schulberg and his brother, Budd (scriptwriter for “On the Waterfront’’), made “Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today.’’ This intelligent and impressively concise documentary about the ... Source: Boston Globe

Decades later, justice for brothers’ ‘Nuremberg’

The assembled footage was used as evidence during the first Nuremberg trial of the top Nazi war criminals. There were later trials of lesser Nazis; “Judgment at Nuremberg,’’ the 1961 feature film, deals with the trial of Nazi judges. The United ... Source: Boston Globe

Film producer, stars await verdict on 'Judgment at Nurnberg'

THE PRODUCER AND STARS of the recently completed movie "Judgment at Nurnberg" are anxiously awaiting ... Editor's note: Stars and Stripes' style was to use the German spelling of Nuremberg.) White House officials announced that five of the special guests ... Source: Stars and Stripes

Vanessa Redgrave, Lili Taylor, Jeff McCarthy Recall a "Torture Team" at Long Wharf Jan. 16

Long Wharf artistic director Gordon Edelstein has shaped the evening that uses "Torture Team" as its base, but also includes footage from "Judgment at Nuremberg," the television series "24," as well as Murat Kurnaz's memoir, "Five Years of My Life: An ... Source: Playbill

The Courage to Continue to Strive for Justice

In a rare act of media morality, ABC interrupted its national broadcast of the film, Judgment at Nuremberg, to show the Selma racial pogrom in living color. Protests erupted all over the country. Congress members called Bloody Sunday, “an exercise in terror.” Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

"Torture Team" Reading with Philippe Sands, Vanessa Redgrave Reaction

One of the intents at Nuremberg was to stand up an international system that ... to confront BushCo in an international tribunal to restore "rule of law" and get a judgment on war of aggression and underlying crimes including vast human rights abuses and ... Source: Hartford Courant (blog)

Joe Lieberman Is a Modern Day Profile in Courage

Taft’s opposition to the Nuremberg trials. Kennedy’s decision to write about ... Lieberman was never one to sacrifice his judgment to anyone else’s opinion. If as John Kennedy observed, “sometimes party loyalty asks too much,” Lieberman found ... Source: US News and World Report

Arizona Shooting Aftermath -- How Can President Obama Confront the Problem of Evil?

The Nuremberg trials, he says ... Even if the courts don't address it, the judgment itself still has vast, moral and spiritual, significance." But the next problem with evil is that it's not a legal term. It's hard to quantify and qualify. Source: FOX News

Bob Barr is Serving as an Advisor to Jean-Claude Duvalier

D. returns the Haiti and expects business as usual ??? # 7 See the movie Judgment at Nuremberg circa 1960 — WAR crimes trials of some German JUDGES regarding nazi domestic show trials of various minority victims — a bit of partly sanitized fiction for ... Source: Ballot-access.org

My Bandwagon Diary: Let's talk about Priorities

What does scare me is the casual acceptance of the idea that identifying someone as 'mentally unstable' is a simple and precise medical determination, and the linking of that to the even more horrifying idea that the Federal government should pass judgment ... Source: DAILY KOS