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iJoke.com presents Judy Tenuta at the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget
Judy Tenuta I LIKE BOYZ music video
Judy Tenuta.flv
Crucified by the FCC - Richard Simmons & Judy Tenuta
The Richard Bey Show - Mr Punyverse & Miss Thunder Thighs 2
Holyoke Fire Pt. 3
Brenda's Men Jason, Pt 2
Stand Up Comedy Judy Tenuta Part Two Ladies of the Night
Greatest Moments In Rock 3/5
Rob Riches Checks Out the Celeb's Favourite Jeans Company in Laguna Beach
ACME Saturday Night 8/1/09 Sports Wedgie (video)
Howard Stern - Emo Phillips And Sam Kinison interview
ACME Saturday Night 8/1/09 Acme News
Daniel DiCriscio - FABOWLOUS Celebrity Fashion Show and Charity Event
Queer Riot Comedy Show Bruce Vilanch Judy Tenuta Lady Bunny
Brenda's Men Jason, Pt3
Daniel DiCriscio & Judy Tenuta... Onstage!
Match Game 98: Bad answer
Judy Tenuta shout out to thrive news tv
Andy Warhol & Sylvia Miles at Michael Musto's Party
ACME Saturday Night 8/1/09 Acme News Update: Birther Movement
Comedy Central Roast of BOB SAGET Red Carpet Event August 3, 2008
11 SETTEMBRE 2001 - IL RICORDO - Andrea Benetti e L. Di Rico
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Judy Tenuta
Sat next to comedian Judy Tenuta
judy tenuta
Judy Tenuta Comedian
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A View of Our City in Four Acts: Panel Discussion Series

Jan. 26, 2011 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Join local theatre owners, managers and historians as they discuss the benefits and struggles of both renovating and successfully maintaining these unique businesses. Connect with others to collectively consider the ... Source: On Milwaukee

Scarborough On Giffords Shooting: ‘Is This Not A Time For People, Like Sarah Palin…To Apologize?’

Conservatives and tea party activists have reacted with rage to what they view as accusations from the left that they are somehow responsible for this weekend’s massacre in Arizona that targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). In reality, progressives ... Source: Think Progress

HOTTS: Comedy clubs, past and present

Continued... Another backstage moment — and probably more of a low than a high — was meeting Judy Tenuta, again, before a Chaplin's gig. Hargis — nice guy that he is — brought me into her dressing room as she applied her makeup and left us alone to ... Source: Macomb Daily

Gates: North Korea Could Nuke US

Citing North Korea’s continued effort to improve its not entirely effective long range missile program, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates predicted that not only would the nation have a “limited ability” to attack the continental United States within ... Source: Antiwar.com

Holiday and Winter Beer Tasting #2

This week the Suds Club features the second of two scheduled holiday and winter beer tastings. Generally darker and boasting higher alcohol contents, holiday and winter beers are sure to keep you warm! Cost is $10 per person. The Suds Club is a weekly beer ... Source: On Milwaukee