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Kathy Griffin on The View 05/24/07
Nardwuar vs. Kathy Griffin & Lily Tomlin
Kathy Griffin MSG 1/27 (7 of 10) -Keep Your Eye on the Ball
Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D List - Episode 5x08 Part 1/5
8.9.09 Kathy Griffin on Alexa Chung
Kathy Griffin Emmys Weekend
Kathy Griffin on Ryan Seacrest - PART 3
Kathy Griffin's new victim? @ The Joy Behar Show 19.6.10
Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D List - Episode 6x08 Part 5/5
Kathy Griffin Golden Globes NBC Dateline 2008
Kathy Griffin Standup at Westbury 6/21 - The View
Kathy Griffin Dishes on Hasselbeck and The View on Howard Stern 6/17/10
Kathy Griffin on Ellen — Sept 11th 2007 (part 2)
Kathy Griffin - Don't Ask, Don't Tell part 2
Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D List - Episode 6x05 Part 1/5
Kathy Griffin - Whores On Crutches (4/4)
paula deen on kathy griffin's D-List
Predicto TV - Kathy Griffin, Suze Orman
Kathy Griffin Does Scooby-Doo
Kathy Griffin's Anderson Cooper
Kathy Griffin MSG 1/27 (4 of 10) - Bad Girls Club
October 24, 2010 | Best in Drag | Kathy Griffin #1
Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D List - Episode 3x02 Part 3/5
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kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin amp Team
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
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Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin :D
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin with Emmy
Kathy Griffin icon
on stage
Levi Johnston (L) and Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
kathy griffin
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The 5 Most Memorable Kathy Griffin Moments

Fearless and controversial, comedian Kathy Griffin has made a tremendous impact on the world of entertainment over the last two decades. From her attacks on Oprah to her frequent stand-up specials to stunts like pretending she's dating Levi Johnston, the ... Source: Associated Content

Brandy Proclaims She Is on 'Team Bristol,' Slams Kathy Griffin and Howard Stern 'Fat' Jokes

After it was revealed that Bristol Palin made it through to the finals of “ Dancing With the Stars ” late last year, shock jock radio host Howard Stern went on quite the rampage, announcing that she “is the first contestant in the history of the hit ... Source: FOX News

Kathy Griffin brings her A-game to Tulsa audience

Tulsans knew exactly what kind of night Kathy Griffin would bring to the Brady Theater -- loud, slightly offensive and full of straight-off-the-internet fun. The naughty comedian, known for her six seasons on Bravo's "My Life on the D-List," brought her A ... Source: Tulsa World

Comedian Kathy Griffin’s tour to hit the stage Thursday in Tulsa

Kathy Griffin will perform her brash brand of comedy at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Brady Theater in Tulsa. Griffin, who is known for her big personality and over-the-top comedy, is best known for reality TV show, “My Life on the D-List,” where the audience ... Source: Oklahoma Daily

Kathy Griffin: ‘My Mom Prefers The Kardashians’

KATHY Griffin admits she’s a little bit jealous of the Kardashians! “It’s my mom’s favorite show, even though I have a show,” Griffin said of her mother, Maggie, 90, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians . “ My Life on the D-List is also a ... Source: Showbizspy.com

Kathy Griffin signs on to do more comedy specials for Bravo

Watch out, celebrities!! Comediene Kathy Griffin has signed on with Bravo to do four new comedy specials in 2011. "I went to Bravo and told them I thought I was being a little too nice in my stand up specials. They agreed...and gave me four more. Let the ... Source: All Headline News

Michael Moore, Kathy Griffin, Jane Fonda Blame Sarah Palin for Arizona Shooting

On Monday, though, they and their supporters began to fight back against the assertions that have come from the likes of Jane Fonda, Michael Moore and others. Many opponents of the political right seized on Palin's online map that put certain districts in ... Source: Hollywood Reporter

DeAndre Jordan wants YOU to vote Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon into All-Star game

The push to put young Clippers stars Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon on the NBA Western Conference All-Star roster now has a high-profile supporter: none other than basketball guru Gordon Limbaugh. Don't recognize the name? Well, how about the face? Source: Los Angeles Times

Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin lead the pack at midseason

It's an ongoing saga that easily wins my "story we wish would go away award." More NBA awards at this season's halfway point: Top rookie : Blake Griffin, Clippers. The most ferocious dunker in the league is getting guff from some veteran players for ... Source: Detroit News

Conservatives rally behind comedian Ricky Gervais

Host Ricky Gervais speaks at the 68th annual Golden Globes Awards in Beverly Hills British comedian Ricky Gervais is the new darling of political conservatives thanks to the fusillade of insults he directed at the aghast celebrities attending the weekend's ... Source: Buenos Aires Herald