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Kick Ass
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Nemesis: More Kick-Ass Than Kick-Ass!

LONDON , January 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the massive success of chart-topping graphic novel Kick-Ass, writer Mark Millar returns with his latest outrageous, action-packed opus, Nemesis [Titan Books, 9th Feb 2011 , GBP14.99 ]. Co-Creator Steve ... Source: Yahoo Finance

Leighton Meester: Minka Kelly Will Make One "Kick-Ass" Charlie's Angel

Leighton Meester may be tormenting Minka Kelly on the big screen in The Roommate , but in real life, Kelly's got the Gossip Girl in her corner. The duo was inseparable Tuesday night at a Nylon magazine dinner celebrating Meester's February issue, where the ... Source: Entertainment Online

10 Mandates for a Kick-Ass Wonder Woman TV Show

After decades off the air, Wonder Woman is reportedly heading back to television in the 21st century. But comics’ most heroic female must avoid tired cliches and lame story arcs if she’s going to blaze serious trails for TV programming — and for ... Source: Wired News

Former WWE Star -- Cleared to Kick Ass in Japan

Ex- WWE U.S. champion MVP -- previously barred from Japan because of his 9-year stint in U.S. federal prison -- has not only been given clearance to enter the country ... he just signed a deal to wrestle there. Burke -- who spent over nine years behind ... Source: TMZ.com

Mark Millar Talks KICK-ASS 2, plus NEMESIS, SUPERIOR Films

In the first part of our interview with Mark Millar , we talked about the debut of the Stan Lee Awards at the inaugural Kapow Comic Con, happening April 9 and 10 in London. In the second installment , we discussed more on the convention, his magazine CLiNT ... Source: Newsarama

Turning Japanese or Why Shogun 2: Total War is Going To Kick Ass

What isn't their to love about Samurai, Swords and Ninjas, Absoloutely Nothing. This game is going to be so awesome your eyes may explode upon witnessing it, of course this is only guaranteed if you've got a pc rig capable of running it on the highest ... Source: 1UP.COM

New World Center is Kick-Ass Architecture, But Performance Hall Comes Across as Tacky

But are we the only ones who think the concert hall itself is... um... a little tacky? First, there's the wood stage and staircases that, in a $160 million building, somehow manage to come across as cheap looking. Then there's the striped white paneling ... Source: Miami New Times Blogs

Duke Nukem Forever Preview: We've Kicked Ass and Chewed Gum; Now What?

Unless, of course, you’re of the generation of gamers born in the 12 years since the last games’s release and how no clue just who the hell Duke Nukem is…Think Arnold Schwarzenegger with crew-cut blonde hair and an American "Let's Kick Ass!" Source: G4 TV

'Tool up, honey bunny': Salmond to meet Kick Ass creator

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond is to meet Kick Ass creator Mark Millar, the writer has announced. The Scottish comics scribe, who is popular among fans for his mixture of brutal violence, edgy humour and pop culture sensibilities, was asked to ... Source: Politics.co.uk

Steinberg: We won’t/will have Rahm to kick around

None of our opinions matter at this point — the opinions of seven justices matter, and all we can do is guess. The law is indeed an ass, as Mr. Bumble observes, but it is still the law, and we obey it. That said, given his famous temper, Rahm Emanuel is ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times