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US GOV can kill ANYONE including YOU without trial COVERTLY !!
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Kill Bill
kill bill
Kill Bill
Kill bill
Kill Bill
kill bill gates
kill bill
Kill Bill
Kill Bill
Kill Bill
Kill Bill
Kill Bill Vol 2
Kill Bill
Kill Bill
kill bill
Kill Bill Vol 2
Kill the Bill
Kill Bill
Kill Bill
kill bill
Kill Bill
kill bill
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Lawmakers Expected to Kill Omaha's Commuter Tax

State Senator Abbie Cornett of Bellevue, the bill's sponsor, says the wheel tax currently charged to those who live 3-miles beyond Omaha's border will continue but will be eventually phased out. "We need to take into account the bad financial situation ... Source: WOWT

Florida governor seeks to kill drug database that would combat pill mills

MIAMI, Feb 08, 2011 (McClatchy Newspapers - McClatchy-Tribune News Service via COMTEX) -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants to eliminate a computer system aimed at curbing the illegal sale of prescription drugs at storefront pain clinics, a move that alarmed ... Source: TMCnet

White House: Let's Kill Fannie, Freddie

(Newser) – The Obama administration will propose dissolving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and reducing the federal government’s role in the mortgage market, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The White House is set to release three plans for moving ... Source: Newser

Democrats kill bill that would cut HAWK-I for thousands of kids

Democrats on a panel in the Iowa Senate have rejected a bill that would have kicked thousands of children out of the  state program that helps parents get insurance for free or at reduced cost.   The program’s called HAWK-I, pronounced like the word ... Source: Radio Iowa

How to Make Your Own "Kill Bill" Costume

Director Quentin Tarantino is known for his very over-the-top and gory action sequences and characters. The movies " Kill Bill Vol. 1 " (2003) and " Kill Bill Vol. 2 " (2004) are two examples of films that are wildly popular with Tarantino fans. If you're ... Source: Associated Content

Mansion getting bunk house makeover; Rep. kills ‘Ariz.-style’ immigration bill; Wadhams on ...

The bill’s sponsor said he will kill the bill this morning, before it even has a first hearing. Durango Herald Baumgardner’s bill was the centerpiece of a slate of bills that Colorado Republicans drafted after visiting their counterparts in Arizona last year. Source: Denver Post

Former Official: US Probably Won’t Kill Bin Laden

In an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly aired Tuesday ... Scheuer said U.S. forces will not kill bin Laden, because they are tasked with a multitude of duties in Afghanistan, and President Barack Obama has pledged the troops soon will be withdrawn. Source: NewsMax.com

Budgets Don't Kill People..People Kill People

States across the country are facing dire budget deficits. Next week the federal budget will be released with a provision that will be a lifeline to struggling states. The only question is will republicans allow their states to drown in debt or will they ... Source: DAILY KOS

Proposed bill seeks to curb accidental overdose epidemic

Accidental drug overdoses now kill more people in Ohio than car crashes ... dispensing powerful painkillers for cash and little medical documentation. The bill if passed will restrict prescribers from furnishing a patient directly with more than 24 hours ... Source: Dayton Daily News

Senate Dems kill bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote

DENVER - Following a contentious hearing Wednesday afternoon, three Democrats killed Senate Bill 18, which would require proof of citizenship in order to vote. Sponsored by Republican Sen. Ted Harvey of Highlands Ranch, the bill would have made it harder ... Source: KDVR.com