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Sun Tan - RDW 2008
Pick Me - RDW 2008
Pecos Bullnose Knife
plasma knife
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Caught in Egypt's revolution: Caught in Egypt's revolution a West Hartford man reports

That Wednesday it seemed the protests were crushed, but as time wore on a few brave and passionate demonstrators resisted tear gas and water cannons to keep the ... deadly as the cashier pulled a chef's knife from under the register. No doubt blood would ... Source: Hartford Courant

CRIME: Two charged with DUIs, had children in vehicles

During the investigation, police discovered a large knife in King’s possession with a blade longer ... Deputies interviewed Andress after he parked at a residence on South Water Road in Gallatin. According to authorities, Andress denied drinking alcohol ... Source: Nashville Tennessean

Quadrants Finds Hidden Dangers in Unwashed Fruit, Produce

Shannon said special soaps used to clean produce are overkill because a simple rinse in water is effective. Shannon also recommends washing produce with a peel as well (e.g. avocado) because a knife can transfer contamination from the skin to the meat ... Source: msnbc.com

Fireworks blaze destroys 5-star hotel in China

No injuries were reported. Xinhua said firefighters had trouble dealing with the fire because their fire engines shot water up only 165 feet, while the building was 720-feet tall. The nearby Sheraton Lido hotel was also evacuated, Reuters reported. Source: msnbc.com

Love in the air, kitchen

Run knife or metal spatula around the rim of the pan ... Add cubed potatoes to stock and water – 3 to 4 cups, or enough to cover potatoes – and cook until soft, about (20 to 30 minutes). Add salt and cumin to taste. Add heavy cream and cheddar and stir ... Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Media Advisory: Governor General to Present 13 Decorations for Bravery at the Citadelle of Quebec

Witnessing this, Mr. Gonzalez jumped into the water and held onto his unconscious colleague ... The man had approached the clerk, held up a knife, and told him that this was a holdup. When Sergeant Desgagne noticed the robbery in progress, he put his hand ... Source: Yahoo Finance

Betsy Sharkey's film pick of the week: 'Chinatown'

The 1974 film scratches the city's dark underbelly, circa 1937, when guys wore zoot suits and fedoras, and water rights were like gold just ... Polanski's filmmaking at its best. His cameo as a knife-wielding, nose-slitting thug remains one of the film's ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Jessica Harris' 'High on the Hog' traces the African-American culinary story

The water in the bottom of the baking pan should not boil. After custard has baked about a half-hour, insert a knife in the center of each cup. If the knife comes out clean, the custard is done; if it comes out coated, continue cooking. Allow to cool before serving. Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune

How to Use Kitchen Utensils in the Hunt for Placer Gold

The colander is used by placing it over a gold pan and filling it with stream gravel then pouring water over it causing the smaller particles ... No we ever set a gold pan had to be round! The spoon, knife and fork are used to dig around in places that are ... Source: Associated Content

Wash. woman escapes chaos in Cairo, returns home

SEA-TAC AIRPORT -- She armed herself with a knife, a rolling pin, and bucket of boiling water to fight off protesters during the chaos in Cairo. The 76-year-old woman returned to Washington state on Tuesday after a whirlwind escape from Egypt. Mary ... Source: KOMO News