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Last Action Hero - Dynamite Jack Slater
1993 - More set dressing left on the entrance doors from Last Action Hero
Last Action Hero
Last Action Hero
last action hero
Last Action Hero (Arnold Swartzenager)
Last Action Hero
1993 - faux Pandora ornamentation left on facade from film Last Action Hero plus notice to passersby
Last Action hero
last action hero
Last Action Hero
Last Action Hero complet crane as new maybe nos 140
last action hero
Last Action Hero (1993)
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Liam Neeson taken with new action roles

In addition to filming during last winter’s deep freeze ... he joked. “It’s great to play an action hero.” Will he continue to do character roles as he did in “The Next Three Days” or TV’s “The Big C”? “Yes,” he said. Source: Boston Herald

A Year Later, Scott Brown Goes From Hero To No-Show At CPAC

WASHINGTON -- At last year's Conservative Political Action Conference, there were few ... show and for his ideological drift on key legislative items. "He is a hero for the modern center-right movement. He stopped the most damaging parts of Obamacare. Source: Huffingtonpost.com

How Long Should Electronics Last? My Calculator, the E-Hero

Now people are looking for the latest and greatest. The incentive is not there (for products) to last a long time." This is important to Jim, because as head of the Basel Action Network, he works every day with the dark side of electronics. As B.A.N. and ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Activision Doing More Than Scrapping 'Guitar Hero'

Headlining that action was the establishment of a new "Call of Duty ... the hard truth is that passionate fan base simply wasn't buying the games anymore. Last year's "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" sold fewer than 261,000 copies—with nine different SKUs ... Source: CNBC

Officer Hailed As Hero On Verge Of Losing Home

Channel 2 Action News reporter Manuel Bojorquez covered the trial surrounding ... After working with the bank and paying as much as they can for the last six months, Philips said his family will soon lose the fight to keep their home. Source: WSB-TV Atlanta

Arkansas Law Firm Asks: Hey, Who’s Your Hero?

We must lead by example to bring positive change—and it takes just one action or idea to bring that change ... Holt & Sexton are pleased to recognize Robert Upshaw as the first Ripple Effect hero. As the director of the Central Arkansas Fellowship of ... Source: YAHOO!

The Last 5 Movies That I Have Watched and What I Thought

Not to mention all of this Avengers hype going around, I kind of need to brush up on my super hero films. Just two weeks ago, I got the first Iron Man in the mail and I was rather blown away upon watching it. The movie had great humor, and the action was ... Source: 1UP.COM

House plays hero in Heat win over Thunder

House got his first action in a game since mid ... But sometimes -- for instance, the last possession in each of the past two games -- it is necessary. That’s why the game of basketball demands role playing. House has found his niche on the Heat, one ... Source: ESPN.com

"A hero!": Lawyer for photographer Jon Wolf

You have a photographer in Mr. Wolf who is a hero! He's a guy who is trying to raise money ... When you file a copyright action in court there are no numbers on the complaint," said Greenberg. "Well, you're an expert, how much are you expecting to collect ... Source: KGUN 9

The Star Market: Will Action Hero Jason Statham Have the Career of Bruce Willis or Van Damme?

Since his debut in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in 1998, the 43-year-old former model has become one of the last bankable action stars in the world and can be depended on to churn out an average of two modestly-budgeted and comically brutal ... Source: Nymag.com