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Gerard Butler and cops
Law Abiding Citizen Premiere - Los Angeles
Oslo 05nov2009 07
Law abiding citizen
Law Abiding Citizen
law abiding citizen
Jamie Fox interviewed
Oslo 05nov2009 10
Law Abiding Citizen
Gerry at Law Abiding Citizen Premier
Law Abiding Citizen
Law Abiding Citizen
Oslo 05nov2009 06
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glasgow pre 08
Law Abiding Citizen
law abiding
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Medical marijuana law continues to spawn controversy, court hearings

I served our country during the Vietnam War. I’m a tax-paying, good law-abiding citizen.” He said he uses medical marijuana because of chronic back pain from a degenerative disk disease. “I have a lot of pain — that’s all I use,” he said. Source: MLive.com

Is 'no retreat' gun law needed?

When you're in your home or place of employment, you're really good. It's every place in between," he said. A law-abiding, armed citizen out in public might not "step up to the plate and do the right thing" to stop a crime because he or she fears a long ... Source: Des Moines Register

U.S. gun owners mostly law-abiding

Van Breda, a Canadian citizen, complaining about the lack of firearms control ... That is roughly about one-third of our population, of which the majority are law-abiding citizens. We have in place numerous checks and balances, laws and regulations to ... Source: Yuma Daily Sun

FORUM: Handgun ammunition measure was lousy law

The NCT editorial maintains that "prudent, limited regulations designed to ensure that only law-abiding citizens are able to purchase ... control advocates and like-minded citizen control politicians. During the past two years, the anticipation of such ... Source: North County Times

Letter to the editor: Replying to gun law advocates

No to clip capacity or other gun laws. Every time some liberal proposes gun laws, they go for confiscation, and law-abiding Americans have to defend our Constitution. That’s the opinion of this citizen. America, wake up. Source: Newton Kansan

Law-abiding citizens can carry guns

However, I believe that every law-abiding citizen who wants to own a gun should be allowed to do so once the requirements have been met. Equally, whenever armed citizens, including pastors, lose their weapons or are in breach of the law, they should be ... Source: Jamaica Observer

Gallardo: Close ‘loophole’ in state law involving gun shows

Gerry Hills, also a volunteer for Arizonans for Gun Safety, said she supports safe gun ownership and believes that background checks will protect law-abiding Arizonans ... As proposed, a citizen wishing to sell an older firearm will be forced to obtain a ... Source: Arizona Capitol Times

Faster response by armed citizen

As an American citizen, and a year-round resident of Yuma ... Citizens have a right to protect themselves. Without law-abiding citizens being armed, only the bad guys and the police would have guns, like in Canada. If Van Breda enjoys the government of ... Source: Yuma Daily Sun

Cumbria shootings victim was not second class citizen

Since then, he has led a law-abiding life, apart from a litter fine three years ... But by reducing the compensation award, he is being treated as a second-class citizen, a man whose life is not worth the same as others. Darren was no angel, but he didn ... Source: News and Star

Hearing Explores Proposal For Gun-Offender Registry

No law-abiding citizen or sportsman would have anything to fear from this bill,'' he said. During the hearing before the legislature's public safety committee, several lawmakers questioned why the registry was needed. They pointed out that a national crime ... Source: Hartford Courant