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Lenny Bruce - The Sick Humour of
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce
original design apparel silkscreening
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce resize
Lenny Bruce On Stage
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce
Comedian Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce
lenny bruce monoprint
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce is Not Afraid
Lenny Bruce refused entry to Britain in the publ
Lenny Bruce Arrested
Lenny Bruce Live at the Curran Theater
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce
lenny bruce
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Lenny Bruce at Carnegie Hall

Think back to our abysmal Snowpocalypse in December and you’ll have an idea of what it was like on February 4, 1961, the night the famously crude provocateur Lenny Bruce had a midnight show at Carnegie Hall. The snow was nearly two feet and rising, winds ... Source: Village Voice

Jack Bruce, John Medeski, Vernon Reid and Cindy Blackman to Perform as Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute Band

The Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute Band will draw together Jack Bruce (the Cream bassist who appeared on Lifetime’s second album), along with John Medeski, Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid and drummer Cindy Blackman (Pharaoh Sanders, Lenny Kravitz). Source: jambands

Practicing the Art of Possession

He romances Bruce's words and delivery with a particularly selfless ardor. Loose limbed, keenly focused, eyes alight and acknowledging a phantom audience, Mr. Cuiffo's transformation during a recent living-room preview not only brought Lenny Bruce back to ... Source: Wall Street Journal

San Jose's Lou's Village to resurface, this time in Willow Glen

They included Lucille Ball, the Ink Spots, Lenny Bruce and Polly Bergen as well as a very youthful Jerry Brown and boxer Max Baer. Muller says he will likely incorporate some of the photos in the new décor. Since closing Lou's Village, Muller says, "I ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

TechCrunch Columnist Paul Carr Writes About the Effect of Too Much "Fertilizer" Online

Case in point, the New Yorker , which Paul Carr turns to and hugs like an old friend in his TechCrunch piece: "The joy I felt today flicking through the New Yorker - stumbling across Tad Friend's wonderful piece about Lenny Bruce tribute actor, Steve ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Ricky Gervais: Will His Controversial Golden Globes Performance Help or Hurt Him?

We've also seen Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Eddie Murphy and others, who took comedy and the language into darker, more obscene and insult levels. What Ricky Gervais did at the awards ceremony was nowhere near as obscene as what ... Source: Associated Content

All Church Is Local

The vulgar comedian, Lenny Bruce—forerunner to all foul-mouthed performers to come—was fond of saying, “Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.” He was actually on to something, his cynicism notwithstanding. Source: Town Hall

"X-Men" director adds Bob Fosse film to dance card

In addition to "All That Jazz," his other feature credits include "Lenny," which starred Dustin Hoffman as comedian Lenny Bruce, and "Star 80," in which Mariel Hemingway played murdered Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten. Fosse died in 1987, aged 60. Source: YAHOO!

Did Comcast force Olbermann out?

Olbermann’s backers will hold him up as a modern-day Lenny Bruce, an outspoken liberal who was brought down by the establishment for supposedly violating its ethical code. It is not quite that cut and dried. Olbermann’s prickly style of communications ... Source: Marketwatch

The Psychology of Ricky Gervais

Is he really an underground fifth columnist trying to undercut our social institutions -- a latter-day Lenny Bruce? In fact, the British and American versions of "The Office," which Gervais engendered and which lifted him to fame, examine a primary social ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com