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Scootthe love of my life and father of any future children(lol)
Drew and me
the love of my life and the father of my twin's
My Boys and My Life
the love of my life
love of my life
Friends for life Father and son
my life and father
Life father like son
The love of my life and father of my expecting baby
the love of my life
The men of my life father Smutt
Life Father Like Son
my life
da love of my life and father of our child
this is me and the love of my life and the father of my baby and here he's showing how much he loves me
Life Father Like Son
My Fiance
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Fla. boy doused with chemicals leaves the hospital

A 10-year-old Miami boy who was found doused with toxic chemicals in his adoptive father's pest control truck on Valentine's Day has been released from the hospital. Authorities say Victor Barahona left Jackson Memorial Hospital on Tuesday and is staying ... Source: Missoulian

Sheen boasts of drug-free life with ‘goddess’ girlfriends

He has rejected attempts by his family, including father Martin Sheen (“The West Wing,” “Apocalypse Now”) to intervene in his life and told them, “‘I appreciate your love and your, and your compassion, if that’s what you want to call it. Source: Macomb Daily

Chef Grant Achatz shares his battle with tongue cancer in new book

Life, On the Line (Gotham, $27 ... A frankness permeates the book. Achatz is open about his father’s drinking (“He’s an alcoholic. Still is,” he says to me during our conversation sitting on steps outside his new bar, Aviary), his parents ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Amy Bloom: Writing at the speed of life

Of the gout-hobbled William, a sensualist and lover of rich foods, Bloom writes: "It is the most embarrassing pain in his life. His true nature ... a woman recalls a youth spent with a volatile father: "I dated a few boys of the kind you'd expect from ... Source: Tacoma News Tribune

Victim's father, Courtney Lockhart have verbal exchange that prompts recess in sentencing hearing

"I wish you hadn't brought my daughter into it." Walker called for a brief break. A Lee County jury recommended that Lockhart spend life in prison without the chance of parole for the capital murder of Auburn freshman Lauren Burk. Lockhart, 26, was ... Source: Ledger-Enquirer

End the Suicide Watch: Bristol Palin’s Book Is Entitled ‘Not Afraid of Life’

life as a single mom and her public relationship with her former fiancé and the father of her child, Levi Johnston. She also recounts the “highs and lows” of competing on last season’s “Dancing With the Stars” and the criticism she faced as a contestant. Source: Wonkette (satire)

'Parenthood' Takes on Alcoholism, With Surprisingly Realistic Results

Jordan), who is six months sober with a dark past, and through the reemergence of the father of her cousins Amber (Mae Whitman ... become responsible and turned his life around. They consider her naïve because of her love; he is three years older than ... Source: Popmatters.com

Anjelica Huston Memoir to Address Father, Jack Nicholson

"My father once said that interest was the most important thing in the world, and he wasn't talking about money, but rather the infinite possibilities and choices and patterns we all have in life," Huston said in a statement. She added: "In this book ... Source: BackStage.com

Saddle up! Trail rides signify start of Houston rodeo, help bring the Wild West back to life

"The only day I missed was the day she was born," said Kelli's father, Tim Braunagel ... said the ride on her horse Sneakers offers a break from the bustle of daily life. "I'm a talker," LeBouf said. "When I'm on my horse, most of the time I zone out ... Source: Republic

AUDIO: Charlie Sheen Tells Howard Stern About Life With 'The Goddesses' : 'It's Not Just About Sex'

PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen's Surprise Stage Show Appearance Sheen said that last time he spoke to his father Martin was a week ago ... loyalty is a big factor when it comes to the women in his life, and that he generally doesn't associate with them if they ... Source: Radar Online.com