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Investigators: Fake soldiers preying on lonely women

The man she was talking to asked for money to pay hospital bills ... whether it matches with what the individual is telling you.  They'll want money sent via wire transfer services like Western Union. They'll say they need to pay for things like laptop ... Source: msnbc.com

Arizona vigilante found guilty of murdering Latino man, daughter

(CNN) -- An Arizona jury on Monday convicted anti-illegal immigration activist Shawna Forde of murder in the killing of a Latino man and his 9-year-old daughter during a 2009 vigilante raid she led on their home. The Pima County jury convicted Forde on ... Source: CNN

Man killed crossing Hall Road after car breaks down

The man, whose name wasn't released by police ... the newspaper reported Detroit staff and wire reports. Source: Detroit News

Man, 23, caught and charged with killing 3 in rural Virginia

(CNN) -- A 23-year-old Virginia man was arrested Sunday, 150 miles from the rural town where police say he killed three people a day earlier, police said. The Madison County Sheriff's Office said, in a press release, that investigators first found a truck ... Source: CNN

Man admits credit card scheme at Foxwoods

A 34-year-old man has pleaded guilty to operating a $200,000 credit card ... Zhao wires $15,706 to the account from an account that had insufficient funds to support the wire transfer. The funds were credited to the credit card account and later withdrawal ... Source: TheDay

Man found hiding on rooftop after allegedly stealing copper wire

TEMPE, Ariz. -- A Tempe man was arrested for allegedly stealing copper wire from a utility box along U.S. 60 early Sunday morning. At approximately 3:15 a.m., a Tempe police officer was conducting patrols near the Superstition Freeway and Rural Road when ... Source: AZFamily

Los Gatos police detective offers seniors tips on how to avoid getting scammed

They'll say 'yes' and tell you they got arrested and need $2,500 for bail and ask you to wire it to Western Union ... which has video cameras that caught the con in progress. As a result, one man has been arrested and another is being sought. Source: San Jose Mercury News

Bonus mako: 4-man crew lands 591-pound shark 50 miles out of Orange Beach

It was the biggest, most intimidating fish I've ever had on wire," Hood said. When the shark came boatside again, the crew got another dart into it, as well as a rope around its head and three around its tail. But the fight wasn't over because once they ... Source: Birmingham News

Man accused of taking copper wire gets probation

A Hartford man was ordered to pay more than $1,300 in restitution during two years of probation after pleading to charges that he cut copper wire from railroad tracks. Judge James Miller sentenced Jason A. Lulich, 25, of Hartford, to serve two years of ... Source: Portage Daily Register

Iranian man accused of illegal metal exports

Less than a year later, Jafari's company paid a Nevada company $38,000 for that exact order while assuring the company that the wire would not be exported from Turkey or used for nuclear or ballistic weapons-related applications, the indictment said. Source: Yahoo Finance