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Marathon Man
Marathon Man (1976)
Marathon Man
marathon man
Marathon Man
1994-95 Finest Marathon Man Penny Hardaway
marathon man
Lost Marathon Man
Marathon man
Marathon Man
Marathon Man
My marathon man
question 1
Marathon Man
Marathon man
Marathon Man
is it safe
Marathon Man
Marathon Man
Marathon Man
Marathon Man
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Marathon Man: Belgian Stefaan Engels completes record 365th marathon in as many days

BARCELONA, Spain - Belgian runner Stefaan Engels set a Guinness World Record after crossing the finish line of his 365th consecutive marathon on Saturday. Engels, dubbed the "Marathon Man," began the extreme physical challenge a year ago in Barcelona. He ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

'Marathon Man' Stefaan Engles Runs 365 Races in a Year for Guinness Book of World Record!

“Marathon Man” Stefaan Engles attains a Guinness Book of World Records for running a marathon for 365 days in a row. Can you imagine running a marathon for that many days in a row. How about just running a marathon for one day in year. Engles has ... Source: Gather.com

'Marathon Man' Completes Yearlong Quest

This past weekend, 49-year-old Stefaan Engels of Belgium completed his 365th marathon, in 365 consecutive days. That's right, he ran a marathon a day for an entire year. Engels speaks to host Melissa Block. Copyright © 2011 National Public Radio®. For ... Source: NPR News

Stefaan Engles: Belgian Marathon Man Obliterates World Record

Just running a single marathon in one's lifetime is nothing to be ashamed of. Running one per year is pretty impressive. And running one per month is even more so. Running one per day? Now that's just plain unfair. But on Saturday, we can also say that it ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

A marathon man on every continent

Many people who know Tom Burch may not realize that he stakes a claim to an unusual milestone. It’s not one he frequently brags about, but once he gets started, the story spills out. It took a few years to pull off, but the Dunwoody real estate lawyer ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Tennis Player John Isner Hopes to Shed Reputation as "Marathon Man"

But John Isner tells the Palm Beach Post he doesn't want to be known as the guy who competed in a marathon tennis match. Isner's Wimbledon win last summer earned him the label of tennis' "Marathon Man" for a game that lasted more than 11 hours over the ... Source: Broward New Times (blog)

Marathon Man Ends Streak of 365 in 365 Days

The very thought of running a single marathon is enough to cause most people to break out in a nervous sweat. Think about completing a marathon every day for a year, though, and you're likely to collapse from exhaustion. Unless you're Stefaan Engels. This ... Source: AOL News

Stefaan Engels: Marathon Man (Video)

Meet Stefaan Engels, also known as Marathon Man, he is the amazing runner and former Asthma sufferer who for the last year runs a marathon each day. Keep reading this story to know more about this remarkable man’s biography plus photos of him can be seen ... Source: RIGHTPUNDITS.COM

Belgian lives up to ’Marathon Man’ title

ARLINGTON, Texas — NFL commissioners can’t root, so Roger Goodell will just sit back and smile as he watches this Super Bowl. A season that saw pro football claim boffo TV ratings and reach new heights of popularity — even as it dealt with a stream o ... Source: Bend Bulletin

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu among runners lacing up for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

The mayor also described himself as a "12 minute-mile man." That compares with a pace of 5 minutes, 26 seconds-per-mile achieved by last year's marathon winner, Paul Wachira of Kenya. Though he may not be able to compete with the marathon's leaders ... Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune