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SSSTV : 07/11/2008 - Mary Mack
My Favorite comedians
Big Lu & Baby Jayne: After the Laughter
Maria Bamford pwns Zach Galifianakis
Pete Lee: You were way funnier than that other guy.
Maria Bamford: Interview outtakes
Target black friday ad
Maria Bamford at the Ft Worth Community Arts Center
Maria Bamford Does Australia
Office Job - Maria Bamford
The Maria Bamford Show 18 Moving
The Maria Bamford Show 17 Horror
Maria Bamford With The Comedians of Comedy At Amoeba Music - Part 1
No Oversleeping
Maria Bamford's Homemade Christmas Special 2009 - Part 4/6
VEDiM - Day 30: The End
Target Black Friday 2-Day Sale Commercial (Vince Dicola!)
Maria Bamford On How She Wants To Help People
Maria Bamford Show Ep 10-12
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Eugene Barnes amp the Bammer
target black friday
Laura Maria Bamford Me
Maria Bamford
maria bamford
Honestly guysopen a window on the bus
I'm gonna win this one
Maria amp BertBlossom's blind brother
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Argentine singer and poet Maria Elena Walsh dies

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - Maria Elena Walsh, an Argentine writer, poet and singer who entertained generations of children with whimsical songs and books, died Monday of heart failure. She was 80. Walsh had been suffering from several chronic diseases ... Source: Buffalo News

Weekend best bets: Jan. 14-16

It continues at the Fox Theatre through Jan. 16. Comedy: She’s probably best known as the wacky shopping lady in those Target commercials, but Maria Bamford is also an accomplished and edgy comedian. She’s performing at the Laughing Skull Lounge in ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Patton Oswalt Talks Sarah Palin's Future, Disappointment In Obama & Why All The Animals Are Dying (VIDEO)

After raising his profile after going on tour as "The Comedians of Comedy" in 2004 with his cohorts Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford and Brian Posehn, Oswalt's highly intelligent, culture-packed barbs have effectively transformed him from an underground ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

SF Sketchfest Offers Creative Comedy

Riding high on the good press provided by the New York Times and Rolling Stone, Maron should be at his best when he takes the Cobb's Comedy Club stage along with local comedy legend Bobcat Goldthwait, 'Comedians of Comedy' star Maria Bamford, Will Franken ... Source: BayInsider

WTF with Marc Maron

He’s joined by a group of kindred spirits at Cobb’s, including Bobcat Goldthwait, the comedian and filmmaker whose sensibility and voice are as corrosive as battery acid, and Maria Bamford, whose act hilariously navigates her jagged emotional terrain. Source: San Francisco Weekly

A Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts

It’s official: there are now more essential comedy podcasts than there are hours in the day. We’re fully outnumbered, people. It would be an impossible, Icarus-like ambition to listen to them all and still function as a human adult person. Don’t even ... Source: The Awl

INTERVIEW: Stand-up comedian Marc Maron

Wait till these aliens land, because they’ve got some stand-ups in outer space that no one knows that are fucking geniuses. Very hard to understand, ’cause their references are all outer space references. But I’m looking forward to them coming down ... Source: Philadelphia Citypaper

50 select zen buddhist short stories, online/linked

hi all. Ive been working at an elite fortune 500 company for 1.5 year and just found out the contract runs out in about 3 wks. this big company merged with another big company last yr and my mgr said there was a hiring freeze. ouch. yeah, Ive been working ... Source: Salon

Three MDs: How we moved to adviser charging

We made the move from commission to adviser charging in 2004 as a result of a growing sense of frustration within the business. This frustration came from our old pricing model where we only got paid if the client purchased a commission-paying product. Wit ... Source: ifaonline.co.uk

Bodyguard returns to Prince Charles’s side

Yesterday, she was lunching with her sister, Petra, 22, who, as I disclosed, bought JCB digger tycoon Sir Anthony Bamford’s Grade II ... Peter’s daughter by his ­marriage to opera singer Maria Ewing — burst into ­laughter, ­unsuccessfully trying ... Source: Daily Mail