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Stylin update.

I downloaded the 2nd dlc to alan wake and felt it much wraps up the dlc of the first one better and is needed. The second one improves by taking some words out not as many as the first, and I think it just does such a well done job of breaking the story to ... Source: 1UP.COM

Her Minajesty To Appear On SNL !

YES!!! We're super stoked for this!!! It's been announced that closing out the month of January on SNL will be host Jesse Eisenberg , joined by the majestic wonder that is Nicki Minaj ! Omg! What is she going to sing? WHAT IS SHE GOING TO WEAR?! It's doesn ... Source: PerezHilton.com

Hey all

Just been having some internet connection problems as of late, but I think there finally away from me. It's 2011 and I hope to keep bringing the news but everytime I check most things just don't interest me. So yeah heard of the kinect avatar chat room? It ... Source: 1UP.COM