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Monday Night Combat - Turret Locations and Surviving Tactics
Memo Money ball vs. Clippers
Jamie Hoffmann's First Major League Home Run (and Hit!) -- Andre Gets It!
Authors@Google: Michael Lewis
taylors killlllah 11m cliff moneyball and backflip
Monday Night Combat (PC) - Gameplay
Jonah Hill explains why his character in GET HIM TO THE GREEK was more true to life than SUPERBAD
Monday Night Combat - Assassin Tutorial (Commentary by Snowy)
Authors@Google: Michael Lewis
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Daniel Craig - Tyrone Rubin Film Show
Moneyball - Pitt,Hill,Pratt,Morris,Hoffman - Tyrone Rubin Film Show
Monday Night Combat - Silly n00b, Tsk tsk tsk - Live Game Chat - gameplay by Ambrozz
The Magnificent Marble Machine Part 1
Monday Night Combat - Spunky Cola Special - Game 1 Part 1 - Gameplay by Ambrozz
MoneyBall Me and Brad Pitt
Bizzy Brey Moneyball
money ball mania
Monday Night Combat - 0% Survival Rate - Live Game Chat - Gameplay by Ambrozz
Monday Night Combat PC Gameplay HD
Larry Bird 3 point contest
Lil Ant Ebony VS Shawnee Evisu (Realness W/ A Twist)
That's like the money ball of bra throwing!
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Basketball Money
Moneyball Party flyer front
Money Ball
Actor to play Jorge Posada in Moneyball
Lewis M-Moneball
New Athletics Stadium
Actor to play Carlos Pena in Moneyball
2002 ticketschedule
Moneyball cover
money ball
The Big Show Oakland A's
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Will 'Moneyball' movie be worth it?

What do this month's Oscars have to do with a baseball movie that is months away from even hitting theaters? Let’s answer by first taking a short trip back in time. We all remember the reaction when we first heard about the "Moneyball" movie. Near ... Source: ESPN.com

Will 'Moneyball: The Movie' Be A Hit?

Writing in a space that seems oddly familiar to me, Jon Weisman is guardedly optimistic about the box-office fortunes of a certain movie based on a certain book: What do this month's Oscars have to do with a baseball movie that is months away from even hit ... Source: SBNation.com

Is Liverpool Playing Moneyball?

It also wasn’t crazy to think that Henry and company would deploy the same tools in the soccer world that helped them turn the Red Sox into a multiple World Series winner after an 86-year title drought. A statistical approach to player evaluation ... Source: Internet Soccer

Liverpool owner John W Henry's deadline day gamble on red puts his Moneyball principles at risk

He is trying to repeat the trick in English football, but on Monday Liverpool ’s principal owner got a £36 million lesson in the singular market for footballers. Whatever value there might be in the margins, you will not find it panic-buying English ... Source: Daily Telegraph

Beane facing pivotal year in Oakland

Second, the A’s and Beane himself will learn what Hollywood can do for (or to) their legacies, as Brad Pitt portrays the general manager in the September release of the movie “Moneyball.” Beane is somewhere between flattered and embarrassed that Pitt ... Source: FOXSports.com

10 story lines to watch in the Cactus League

The "Moneyball" movie, starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane and based on the book that illuminated Oakland’s success a decade ago, is scheduled to arrive in theaters in September. 6. Show him the money? The Rockies did, to Troy Tulowitzki. No free agent ... Source: Boston Herald

MLB: How Should the New York Mets Handle Jose Reyes this Season?

Some people are saying Reyes isn't a Sandy Alderson-type of player. Alderson is the new Mets general manager, and he follows many "Moneyball" ways. He values stats such as OBP and SLG percentage over traditional statistics like batting average. Alderson is ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Strat-O-Matic more than a game for its founder and devotees

While I certainly wouldn't claim to have grasped the whole Moneyball thing ahead of my time," said broadcaster Bob Costas, speaking from the MLB Network studio, where he serves as host, "I do remember arguing with other kids that the most important ... Source: CNN Sports Illustrated

Low profiles make a winning team

In Karl Rove’s recent book, “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight,” he writes that Mehlman had suggested that key campaign and White House aides read the Michael Lewis book “Moneyball.” Mehlman said this story about ... Source: Politico.com

Rangers Provide a Road Map

Find value where others don't see it. This, according to Paul DePodesta, the Mets' head of player development and amateur scouting, is the real lesson of "Moneyball." The Rangers have made a habit of getting good value at bargain prices from players ... Source: Wall Street Journal