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Moonstruck - The Movie [01/11]
Best Romantic Classic Movie Montage
Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck
Moonstruck Live!
Cher - Mondsüchtig
Of Fate And Chance-Moonstruck Intoxication
Sonitus Vir - Moonstruck Ardor
Eating frozen yogurt at CocoMero in Urbana-Champaign, UIUC
SmudgeArt All Things Christmas Designs - Moonstruck - Snowman - Mouse Pads
Moonstruck Maiden @ franconia sculpture park
Sara Storer - Moonstruck
Moonstruck mermaids
fakin helen moonstruck
KIX-S - Moon Struck / 心からさよならを・・・ (Audio Only)
moonstruck diner
Bing Crosby-Moonstruck
Lady Suzanna - Moonstruck
Sardinia - Moonstruck under jib in 30+kts
Nexus Productions Inc. Amazing Sorority Party Gig Log with Intense Light Show
Moonstruck (official trailer) Cher
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Toma Moonstruck
Blue moon
Blue Spanish Eyes
Darryl Vane moonstruck (Small Animated Bodyshot)
Cruela DeVil - Spots 4 My Coat
Moonstruck Lights Flowers (Med)
Clock Tower in the center of Moonstruck Square
12-2005 Alamo Heights Holiday Night Parade
Chelsea is Moonstruck
Moonstruck II
Another Faerie 1
Moonstruck 0510
moonstruck katsune 2
moonstruck screenie
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Diner Dash: Omelettes & Cherry Pie at Moonstruck Diner In the East Village

A couple days ago, after pulling an all-nighter during the snow storm, I braved the frigid streets in search of a warm diner, and after almost landing face-first in multiple piles of snow, I found myself in front of the East Village’s Moonstruck Diner ... Source: Blackbookmag.com

Beaverton readers: Share your thoughts over coffee with reporter Dominique Fong

I have since bought hiking boots, tasted hazelnut flavored beer at Rogue Ales in downtown and drank coffee at Ava Roasteria, Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe and Edge Coffee in Beaverton. I've written about red light cameras, urban renewal, a multicultural church ... Source: Oregonian

Be mine: The best in Valentine’s Day chocolate

It contains 16 truffles, handsomely packaged in a deep purple keepsake Victorian heart-shaped box. Moonstruck Chocolatier’s Love Bug Truffle Collection includes six hand-crafted truffles made of extra-bittersweet dark chocolate ganache. Three are infused ... Source: Reuters Blogs

Four Great Feature Films About Italian Americans

Too often Italian American culture is associated with mobster movies like "The Godfather" and "Goodfellas", or TV shows like "The Sopranos." While that highly colorful, albeit violent criminal legacy, can be traced to Italian immigrant's version of ... Source: Associated Content

Hollywood Character Actress Profile: Gina DeAngeles

Like the beloved stage persona of comic Rodney Dangerfield, character actors don't get much respect. They support big names, but the spotlight rarely shines upon them. Sometimes, however, that character actress is so luminous, she doesn't need a spotlight ... Source: Associated Content

Young actors hit the Bronx streets in Shanley's 'Five Corners'

Playwright John Patrick Shanley, who won a Pulitzer Prize for “Doubt” and an Oscar for his screenplay for “Moonstruck,” was born in the Bronx, the setting for “Five Corners” (1987), which is being screened on Tuesday, Feb. 1. Part of the ... Source: Abington Mariner

If I Ran the Oscars: Comedian Jon Manfrellotti takes a shot

Glenn Close should have won for “Dangerous Liaisons.” She lost to Cher in “Moonstruck.” Come on, was Sonny stuffing the ballot? And “Raging Bull” lost to “Ordinary People.” It should have been called “Ordinary Movie.” You talk about a ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Movies and the metropolis

New York easily merits those extra movies at the MFA. Toronto it’s not — even though Toronto has filled in for New York in “Moonstruck’’ and “Pushing Tin,’’ among other movies. Thanks to its skyscrapers and bridges and yellow cabs and two ... Source: Boston Globe

SJP and Pierce set to roll ‘em in Brooklyn Heights

Fabled for its gorgeous apartments, scenic streets and killer views of Manhattan, America’s first suburb has been a backlot for Hollywood’s great moments — think Cher kicking a can down Cranberry Street in “Moonstruck,” the period street scenes i ... Source: BrooklynPapers.com

Olympia Dukakis catches a milk train off-Broadway

Dukakis' career has been steady and rewarding, highlighted by roles such as Clairee in "Steel Magnolias," the TV miniseries adaptation of Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City," and her Oscar-winning turn as Cher's sardonic mother in "Moonstruck." Source: Huffingtonpost.com