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Mr Smith goes to Washington & Friend is add to the shot
Mr. Smith Talks about Health Care & Global Warming to the Senate
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Mr.Smith goes to Washington HRTP part 18
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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
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Jimmy Stewart Protests
Clear evidence and proof for the existence of God.The Quran & Modern Science -Dr. Zakir Naik [10/14]
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mr smith goes to washington
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Mr.Smith goes to Washington HRTP part 2
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Review
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), PART 1 /9,full film/movie online part1
A tribute to 1930s Cinema
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Politics blog: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. No, really.

The head of Wisconsin's Department of Health Services is going to Washington, DC, to testify about the federal healthcare law. Dennis Smith, who was named Secretary for the state Department of Health Services by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, will offer ... Source: madison

Move to midweek helps 'Blue Bloods'

The monthlong showcase of 344 films continues today. On Feb. 12, TCM will screen all 10 best-picture nominees from 1939, including "The Wizard of Oz," "Gone With the Wind," "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Of Mice and Men" and "Stagecoach." VIDBITS: ABC ... Source: Tampa Bay Online

Senate OKs small reforms to filibuster, ‘hold’ rules

Mr. McConnell said he was “happy” with the reforms ... a style portrayed by actor Jimmy Stewart in the classic 1939 film “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Democrats, who control the Senate with 53 seats, had complained that Republicans unfairly used ... Source: Washington Times

Sen. Robert Menendez supports democratic efforts to rein in use of filibuster in the US Senate

Menendez, a staunch Democrat, said filibusters no longer work the way they used to in the 1939 film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," in which an idealistic senator, played by Jimmy Stewart, blocks legislation by talking all night. In reality, a senator can ... Source: NJ.com

Senate closer to compromise on proposal to overhaul rules

both elected in 2008. Their key idea was a "talking filibuster ": If the majority failed to get 60 votes, the minority would have to hold the floor with an old-fashioned "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"-style filibuster. Once the minority no longer had ... Source: Washington Post

60-Vote Threshold in Senate to Continue

Smith Goes to Washington" -style. But even that was too much change for senators. Instead, a deal was worked out that does include some minor changes to the system but leaves the filibuster rule largely in place. Sen. Charles Schumer described part of the ... Source: CBS News

Drive to alter filibusters fizzles ... ... as Senate adopts modest fixes

The other votes, including one to require senators to remain on the floor while they filibuster -- like actor Jimmy Stewart did in the film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" -- failed. Mr. McConnell and Mr. Reid also agreed to reduce the number of White House ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Senate in long recess as leaders seek to rein in Democrats' filibuster rebellion

That rule change has led to the end of the old "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"-style filibuster, as the onus is placed heavily on the majority to show up and deliver 60 votes. The minority no longer has to speak at length to stall legislation; it merely ... Source: Washington Post

Sarah Palin Loves Mr. Smith, Introducing Sample Chapter Of The Week

Here is an excerpt: “Call it corny, but Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is one of my favorite movies. It’s a movie about hope. It’s a movie about good triumphing over evil and idealism defeating cynicism. Most of all, it’s a movie about the timeless ... Source: Mediabistro.com

Trying to build on our sports success

But today, he is an entrepreneur -- a rap artist known as GFresh with a video on MTV and VH1, a co-owner of the Westside hair salon No Limit Exclusive, a co-owner of two Mr. Dan's hamburger ... of the redevelopment on West Washington Street created a home ... Source: Indianapolis Star