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Animal House performed by Zeta Beta Tau Gamma Kappa Colony
Riddle Song
Animal House
Animal House performing Sleepwalking then Funnels a Beer
Frisbee House
animal house
Otis Day from Animal House performing Shama Lama Ding Dong - Part 2
Aquafina, Toga Party
Animal House
Animal House Smack Battle - Young Kannon VS. Fat Boy - Rd. 2
iMovie ReTrailers - Animal House
7 Years of College Down The Drain
counter strike lovers comedy
You Guys Playing Cards?
USC Trojan Marching Band Animal House 11/27/2010
Rick Meyerowitz Part 3 of 4 Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead
CNN compares JD Hayworth to John Belushi in Animal House
Animal House again in 30 Seconds
The Best Animal House Quotes From 96rock
Animal House Jamaica Valerie's visit
EERRI - O EMBATE: Athos o mosqueteiro X Igor John Bluto Blutarsky Animal House
Cal-IM Match vs Agility
animal house my novel
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Animal House
Animal House
animal house
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Clue (1985) Music By John Morris

She was a huge fan of the game and worked very dilligently with her newfound Hollywood clout to get this project rolling and finally it wasn't until 1984 that Paramount Pictures greenlit the project with go-to hit comedy Director John Landis (National ... Source: Examiner

5 college movies to cure winter woes

Van Wilder” (2002) Those who cherished the comedic and raunchy moments of the iconic “Animal House” witnessed them resurrect, expand and explode in National Lampoon’s hilarious “Van Wilder.” It’s the film that turned Ryan Reynolds into a star ... Source: Oklahoma Daily

The five funniest college film comedies

With "Kaboom" opening gradually in theaters across the country, and available through video on demand, here's a look at the five movies in this category that are the big men (and women) on campus: •"National Lampoon's Animal House" (1978): Well, of ... Source: Reading Eagle

Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time

Louie Louie," The Kingsmen (1963): The Kingsmen's 1963 version of this Richard Berry track is a hormone-charged, keg-party-soundtrackin' classic, a reputation enhanced but certainly not defined by its appearance in National Lampoon's Animal House. Source: antiMUSIC

The Chosen One” Starring Rob Schneider Comes to VOD February 1st

Xenon Pictures in association with Viva Pictures has announced the national Video on Demand release of the ... A Half Men") and Peter Riegert ("Traffic," "The Mask," "National Lampoon's Animal House"). On February 1, 2011 "The Chosen One" will debut in ... Source: PR-USA.net

Why can’t I be at this film fest?

The World," but Wright also presented some offbeat classics, including "Dirty Harry," "Brazil," "American Graffiti" and "National Lampoon's Animal House." Boy, I wish I lived in Los Angeles so I could've gone to every single screening. Still Cozzalio does ... Source: Daily Register

It was 'An American Werewolf' in La Verne

But back to Landis, director of "National Lampoon's Animal House," "The Blues Brothers" and "Coming to America," among other flicks. Grayer but still looking much as he did in his moviemaking prime with his beard and owlish glasses, Landis, 60, was ... Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Five funniest college comedies

With “Kaboom” opening in theaters this weekend and available through video on demand, here’s a look at the five movies in this category that are the big men (and women) on campus: “National Lampoon’s Animal House” (1978): Well, of course. Source: San Mateo Daily Journal

TV's naughty and nice in 2010

(At Snooki's sentencing hearing in September, the presiding judge, Damian Murray, described Snooki as "a Lindsay Lohan wannabe," and borrowed a memorable line from the movie Animal House , telling ... media organizations he lampoons every night on his ... Source: Calgary Herald

Evan's solo Americas adventure

Visited the US Capitol building which is their equivalent of Parliament House. Ironically ... to the car park as the Wallyworld from the Chevy Chase movie "National Lampoon's Vacation" I had my photo taken with Mickey Mouse (as you do) and started a little ... Source: ABC Online