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Two Days for the weekend of Jan. 29

It feels like Far North these days, so why not spend some quality time with ... acre preserve in the Kittatinny woodlands lets the animals roam almost as they would in the wild. (The fence also separates visitors from the wolves.) You can hike a half-mile ... Source: The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

The Dribbler: Super Bowl predictions to feast on

The Dribbler will dine at the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe in Moon Plaza ... Tuesday -- Gateway over FRANKLIN REGIONAL; WOODLAND HILLS over Plum; NORTH ALLEGHENY over Butler; Central Catholic over PINE-RICHLAND; Mt. Lebanon over MOON; Lincoln Park over OLSH. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Brookfield Zoo welcomes endangered African wild dog pups

This is normal behavior for wild dogs,” Daniels said. “It’s really very exciting to see the social behavior with a group.” On Thursday the dogs were counted, weighed and vaccinated. Kim’s litter was one of only three born in North American zoos last year. Source: Chicago Sun-Times

UFC Fight for the Troops 2: Results, Analysis and Live Blog

Yes, Roop is a legitimate six-footer who fights at 145; that's as crazy as it looks. 10:26 PM ET Barry ends his evening with a flourish, using his post-fight interview to read his deceased father's dog tags and ... throwing a few wild punches before diving ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Colorado inmates train wild mustangs to help guard the nation's rugged borders

The wild horses are prized for their toughness ... They do well in hot southwestern deserts and in the frigid north, where they must maneuver through dense pine forests on steep grades along the 49th parallel, Graham said. Currently about 60 mustangs are ... Source: Denver Post

Is Arizona the epicenter of divisiveness?

Up north sits the nation's largest American Indian reservation ... Doctor 'confident' of Giffords' recovery People still often refer to this place as the "wild, wild West," in large part because of lenient gun laws that have been criticized in the wake of ... Source: msnbc.com

The Cat’s Meow

These wildcats live in grasslands and shrub lands in North Africa, the Middle East ... The appearance of humane societies by the late 1800s also signaled a change in outlook. Dogs and cats now belonged in homes. By the 1920s, recommended cat diets were ... Source: Santa Barbara Independent

How Disney brought demise of early Florida theme park

The romantic image of the Wild West was passe, and Six Gun Territory eventually ... He came to Ocala with Coburn after building Ghost Town in North Carolina a mountaintop attraction that, Wilson said, "was so good it paid for itself the first year." Source: USA Today

Kudlinski: Just count the red-tails when traveling I-91 or I-84

We’ve got our normal population of these magnificent predators plus a second helping here from the far north right now ... weighing 3 pounds or less. A similar-sized dog would weigh 20-30 pounds, but then dogs are not built for flight. Source: New Haven Register

Departments of Health, Agriculture report bull with rabies symptoms in eastern Macon County

Although it is not uncommon for rabies to be found in wild animals, such as bats, skunks or raccoons, the last time a domesticated animal in Illinois was determined to be infected was in 2006, when a cow in North ... horses, dogs, cats and ferrets. Source: Herald & Review