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Tina Ferrari vs. Ninotchka (2nd. Match for The GLOW Crown)
ninotchka & jazzhounds mercure hotel
1939 - Hollywood's Greatest Year - Part 04
Fewer but better Russians
GLOW Tina & Ashley vs Hollywood & Vine
Gil Scott Heron - La REVOLUCION no sera televisada - español - The revolution will not be televised
Emotional Baggage
Ashley Cartier vs. Attaché
Americana & Debbie Debutante vs. Soul Patrol
KakaSasu Doujinshi NINOTCHKA
Silk Stockings -- (Movie Clip) Siberia
Exils: de Hitler à Hollywood (subtitled) - 6/9
Hollywood Classics of 1939 - There's a new day coming !
Glow 6 Tag Team Event
CL. TEXFINA 2008 - FASKY (José Monteza)
A Solitary Friday Night in August
ernst_lubitsch_-_ninotchka 7.avi
ninotchka- la radio.avi
GLOW - Ashley Cartier vs Palestina
Cherry Lips - Ninotchka.
Tuxedomoon - Divine - 06 - Ninotchka
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Ninotchka 6
Ninotchka 8
Ninotchka 7
Ninotchka Rosca amp Lady
Ninotchka art project - En Asturies
Lovely photo from Ninotchka
Ninotchka 4
greta garbo 1939 ninotchka
Intervencioacuten de Ninotchka en Malasantildea
Ninotchka 2
Ninotchka 5
Ninotchka art project - En Granada
Ninotchka art project - En Madrid
Ninotchka 3
Ninotchka art project - Neones en Berliacuten
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The faces of Greta Garbo

Though she won an Oscar nomination for her first comedy, 1939's "Ninotchka," the Ernst Lubitsch comedy co-written by Billy Wilder was sophisticated and smart. "Two-Faced Woman" was a naughty little farce — it was condemned by the Catholic Legion of ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Joan Rivers Tells FOX News To 'Go F**k Themselves'

We know from which channel Joan Rivers won't be getting her news. The comedienne and red carpet host tweeted on Wednesday with her immense displeasure with FOX News, whom she said banned her after saying on Sunday night that network contributor Sarah Palin ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

TV and art films: Jan. 23-29

Jack Benny and Carole Lombard lead the cast. It's the Communist Party that takes its lumps in the delicious "Ninotchka" (1939; 2:30 p.m.), with Greta Garbo as a dour Soviet who succumbs to capitalism's charms. "The Merry Widow" (1934; 4:30 p.m.) is ... Source: Reading Eagle

Movie madness: Classic films are everywhere

Pay-per-view. Netflix. Video on demand. With so many ways to download, stream and watch films, there are fewer reasons for people to "go to the movies" -- especially since we can watch what we want when we want on our iPods, computers and televisions ... Source: Buffalo News

If studios want better attendance, let them drop ticket prices

The great slump of 1938, after all, was followed by Hollywood’s Golden Year, which gave us Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach, Ninotchka and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington , to name a few of the historic titles. Considering that the Hollywood ... Source: Globe and Mail

Barbra Streisand Explains White House State Dinner Invite: 'I Worked In A Chinese Restaurant' (VIDEO)

Singer and actress Barbra Streisand was in attendance at Wednesday night's White House state dinner, and at least one reporter seemed curious as to why. When questioned at the event, Streisand quipped that it had something to do with her prior employment ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com