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No Country
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How many tweets for a Shorty?

Two other novels by National Book Award winner Cormac McCarthy earlier made the jump to film: "No Country for Old Men" and "The Road." • "Unknown" with Liam Neeson, January Jones and Frank Langella: When a man wakes from a coma, his wife and her new love ... Source: Sacramento Bee

A conviction, but no justice

Yet Sherman confronted a case built on the flimsiest of evidence — a more than two-decade old recollection by a now ... Instead, his earnings went toward Jeeps for his children, country-club fees, and the like. Last year, he pleaded guilty to tax evasion ... Source: Boston Globe

Baby Gifts We’d Like To Get For Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem’s Son

A mini Oscar statue: Mom and Dad both have one -- he for "No Country For Old Men," she for "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"-- and we wouldn't want baby to feel left out. A Woody Allen box set, since his parents got together playing ex-husband and wife in one of his movies. Source: ABC News

Reaction: Oscar no friend of Nolan's, but sure likes 'Network,' 'Speech'

Bardem previously took home a supporting actor trophy for the psycho killer with a bad hair cut in the Coen brothers "No Country for Old Men." UNFRIEND: Where's Ryan Gosling? The "Blue Valentine" star was raw, unforgettable and heartbreaking as a coming ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Designer purses: a must-have accessory for Chinese alpha males

The 41-year-old investor was dressed in the unofficial uniform of ... Luxury leather goods makers can't believe their luck: Both sexes in the world's most populous country adore purses. Men represent 45% of the $1.2-billion market for all luxury handbags ... Source: Los Angeles Times

For a Hmong Hero, a Lavish Farewell

Vang Pao was no plain Hmong elder ... and flown in by a team of Hmong men from St. Paul. As congressmen and state senators and retired C.I.A. agents filed in to deliver speeches and bow their heads, a scattering of old guerrilla fighters stood outside in ... Source: Herald Tribune

Egyptians yearn for relief from crisis

It's much better than yesterday or the day before, ordinary people are back out walking around and look, we even have a traffic jam," said Ahmed Mohammed, 65, the owner of a men's clothing store ... a 29-year-old marketing manager waiting to withdraw money ... Source: CharlotteObserver.com

Javier Bardem Wanted for Villain in Upcoming ‘James Bond’ Film

But traditionally the biggest male role opposite 007 is the villain, and Bardem played a truly villainous villain in his Oscar-winning turn in No Country For Old Men two years ago,” the e-zine notes. “The EON Productions offer by principals Michael G. Source: Softpedia

Success of ‘King’s Speech’ With Voters Bodes Well for Oscars

No Country for Old Men” (2008) and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2004) each won the top prize on Oscar night after winning at all three guilds. Still, a possible threat may come from a relatively new Oscar voting system in the best ... Source: New York Times

Letter: There is no place for racism

There is an old saying: "Two wrongs do not make ... in their original homeland or in America. Our country was founded on the principle that all men are created equal. Have we met that goal every time? No we have not. However there is no place for racism in ... Source: Oroville Mercury-Register