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Unite - US Zeitgeist 2010
Colin Beavan aka No Impact Man shares his DOT
A Man with a Movie Camera (1929) (Documentary. Silent film). Part 2/3.
Test Video for No Impact Man screening
No Impact Experiment Day Four
Odetta Waterboy clip
No Impact Man: The Documentary - First Look
No Arms and No Legs
zustandswechsel (2007) - in voller Länge.
WikiRebels - The Documentary (3/4)
Authors @ Google: Jeff Ansell
The American Airlines Breaks Bikes Story
Why bother? No impact week experiment wrap-up
full movie online No Impact Man
No Impact Man - Les avantages d'une vie plus écologique
living no impact
Control a Computer / Rat Tool / CyberGate
No Impact Man discussion on The Huffington Post [part 4]
Chopin Letters - Music Documentary Film - Trailer
Ivan Canas: As predicted the US is bankrupt. What to do now? Please important to read the 'more info' section where the problem is explained. George W.Bush will be remembered as the one who Destroyed the US leadership.
Lazy Town - Cooking by the Book REVERSED!
The Deceit- Report L'inganno Part 03 Nuclear Energy Swindle Eng. sub
Your Life on Film
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Sundance Day Seven: the man inside 'Elmo' and some foreign drama

A mere three movies yesterday (I needed sleep and had some interviews to conduct and sit for, so shoot me (no, seriously: shoot me ... Then I made it over to "Being Elmo," a documentary about the life and work of Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who brings the ... Source: Oregonian

Artist Ed Ruscha, with Oklahoma ties, is the focus of a new exhibit in Fort Worth.

Conveying a nitty-gritty, “just the facts ma'am” feeling are the mundane, black-and-white documentary photos of “Twenty ... Equally enigmatic and evocative is “No Man's Land,” the artist's airbrushed 1990 acrylic of a dark question mark that ... Source: Daily Oklahoman

Documentary 'Lemmy' sounds off on influential rocker

The documentary “Lemmy’’ (screening Friday at Arlington ... and realized how much more there was to the man than the brutal image put forth by Motorhead. Olliver was not immediately on the same page as his partner. “I didn’t know Motorhead music ... Source: Boston Globe

'Lemmy' documentary takes a look at life, times of Motorhead frontman

The documentary, which makes its area debut Sunday at the Beachland ... New Order bassist Peter Hook and Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker, that reveal Lemmy's impact. "His influence goes way beyond hard rock or metal or thrash," says Orshoski, who also works as a ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ad agencies spurn innovative documentary

I'm like, Why can't we make a blockbuster documentary? If what makes "Iron Man" so successful are all these brand partners ... The last thing we would ever do is put someone like you on a billboard. There's no way we would put an average Joe like you in ... Source: YAHOO!

"Rebirth" a stirring 9/11 documentary

PARK CITY, Utah (Hollywood Reporter) – The impact of 9/11 on the United States has been filtering ... only flying off when someone else touches it. "There's no doubt in my mind that my mom was there," he says. Ling is the only one physically damaged by ... Source: YAHOO!

A Look At The 2011 Sundance Film Festival

One movie that a lot of people are talking about is "To Hell and Back," which is an Afghanistan documentary that kind of continues ... Chastity Bono and her transition from being a woman to a man and kind of a more heartfelt film than you'd expect. Source: NPR News

How Mahler Rewrote the Score for American Concerts

Mahler split the Carnegie season into four subscription blocs, each with a thematic base, something no conductor had tried before ... a kind of pre-media documentary. Other conductors planned seasons to attract audiences and applause. Source: Wall Street Journal

The Man Who Maketh Polly Jean's Movies

So it's no surprise that she enlisted a documentary photographer with little video skills ... SM : What she said was that when she saw my work, it had an emotional impact. Although Afghanistan is obviously a troubled place, the book and the exhibition has ... Source: Slant Magazine

'Alaska's best friend' subject of PBS documentary

Following orders, Greely and his men left comfortable and well-supplied quarters and set out for a rendezvous point pre-determined by bureaucrats with no understanding of the region. The documentary ... hardly encompasses the man. "It's not a biography ... Source: TMCnet