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Yunus @ 15 years BRS part1 - The start of Grameen
Eli Michaelson - Ride of Your Life
Mistigri - Un Noel de transsexuels.m4v
American Health Journal: Explicación del NO
Saramago muestra su apoyo a Haidar
Erma Franklin - Change My Thoughts from You [Brunswick]
¿Funcionan los productos de Herbalife o son una Estafa?
Boda princesa Victoria de Suecia, muere José Saramago... IK5 Noticias (19/6/2010)
El grafeno, un material que conduce la electricidad mejor que el cobre
Premio Nobel. Mario Vargas Llosa 2-7
Aristegui - Barack Obama Recibe Nobel De La Paz 2009 (Merecido o Inmerecido) 2/2
Nobel Son 9/10
ADIOUZA - Nobel Carmen symphony inspired
Sensation White Budapest 2008 - Paul oakenfold Intro
Nobel prize winner Solzhenitsyn dies at 89
Totally Spies, Episode 8: Abductions Part 2
Alan Rickman footage Getty Image 'Nobel Son' junket
No Son Invisibles: Maya Women and Microfinance, featuring Muhammad Yunus
The scrip The man who can´t be moved Live Nobel
Georges Charpak fait le mariolle chez Ardisson
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Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
Nobel Son 08
Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
nobel son 1
Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
Nobel Son 06
Eliza at Nobel Son 2 crop
nobel son
Nobel Son 02
Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
Nobel Son 01
Alan Rickman in Nobel Son
Nobel son
Alan (and Rima)
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Sullivan County native John Mott won Nobel Peace Prize, but few have heard of him

He won the Nobel Peace Prize. But who would know ... Seems he's the once-famous, now-forgotten son, "Even among some of his descendents," Van Aken said. Mott wasn't a Sullivan resident for long. The family moved to Iowa when he was an infant, although ... Source: Times Herald-Record

Rutger Parents Speak Out Against the Snooki Controversy

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, known for the role in the reality series, Jersey Shore , was paid $32,000 (US dollars) to be the guest speaker at Rutgers University only several days ago, over $2,000 more than the Nobel and ... has a son and a daughter ... Source: The Celebrity Cafe.com

Pop!Shots: Rise of the Smiths

Will Smith’s other son, Trey, avoids the spotlight but also has done well ... perform with their parents in the Nobel Peace Prize concert and the entire family consistently donates giant chunks of their fortune to charity. Not only are they good at ... Source: Arbiter Online

US ‘deeply concerned’ over rising trend of detentions in China

Ai is the son of one of China’s most famous modern poets. He was also blocked from leaving China in December on a flight to South Korea. That came shortly after he was invited to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway, honoring jailed ... Source: Washington Post

Dr Marcia Roye: setting the standard for her son

"She was the first woman to win a Nobel prize, and after 100 years ... with some indicating to her that her enthusiasm has motivated them to remain in science. For her elder son, who expressed his pride in her recent achievement, she is also a motivator. Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Denzel Washington to give Penn commencement speech

FILE - In a Dec. 11, 2010 file photo, Nobel concert host US actor Denzel Washington speaks ... speech and receive an honorary degree at the ceremony on May 16. Washington's son Malcolm is a sophomore at the Ivy League school in Philadelphia. Source: Wichita Eagle

12-Year-Old Genius Expands Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Thinks He Can Prove It Wrong

(See the 15 smartest toys for young geniuses.) "Anyone who solves these will be in line for a Nobel Prize," he added. Barnett's parents knew that there was something different with their son when he didn't speak until the age of two. He was diagnosed with ... Source: YAHOO!

Muhammad Yunus, siente la presión de su propio gobierno

WSJ : ¿Cuáles son los riesgos para Grameen a raíz de la actual forcejeo? ¿Qué podría ocurrirle al banco? Yunus : Mi única preocupación es por el futuro de los 8,3 millones de prestatarios de Grameen Bank, casi todos mujeres rurales de bajos ingresos. Source: Wall Street Journal

Snooki’s hefty fee angers Rutgers University parents, students

Her speaking fee at the New Jersey university was $2,000 more than Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni ... of a role model for my kids,” said Christine Getz, 47, who has a son and daughter at Rutgers. Polizzi reportedly drew 2,000 students ... Source: Toronto Star

War and Peace

For a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama sure has killed a lot ... Today, proponents of intervention in Libya would rather send someone else's son or daughter to die while they watch it on MSNBC. If the fight against Qaddafi is important to you ... Source: Kansas State Collegian