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Nikki Reed - Signing Autographs at the 'Ondine' Premiere in NYC
Ondine - Cai Caslavinieri feat Frederic Chopin [3/4 dialogue / minimal electro remix]
Colin Farrell kiss scene - Ondine
Josh Hartnett / Dervla Kirwan, IFTA Winner 2010, Actress in a Supporting Role Film for Ondine
Yevgeni Sudbin Ravel Gaspard de la nuit part 1 Ondine
Gieseking plays Ravel Gaspard de la Nuit (1/2)
Debussy: Préludes II - 8. Ondine (1910-1912)
Colin Farrell on set of 'ondine'.
Ondine- Pierre desproges
watch ondine online for free full
Robyn Williams introduces Ondine Sherman, co-founder of Voiceless
Ondine- Pierre desproges
Ondine - TV Spot
Colin Farrell in Savoy Jamelson Festival for Ondine
Ondine by Maurice Ravel
Film Ireland 'Ondine' Interview with Alicja Bachleda
Rupert Egerton-Smith plays Ondine by Ravel
They Might Be Giants Cover- Ondine (multi-track)
12/13 The Kirov/Mariinsky Ballet - Ondine - Pas de l'ombre
2008 Montreal Int'l: Wei-Jen Yuan | Ravel: 'Ondine'
Jared Redmond - Ravel: Ondine
Evgenia Obraztsova in Ondine
Chanson d'Amour ( La chanson d'ondine )
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Kasumi Misty Ondine
c'est te faire grande confiance
Interlude again
Me Ondine
Zoo Lights 122010
dress up hat
Renault Ondine
Austin Ondine
Ondine Dayad
Ondine sig
et toi tu es comment
Ondine as a Maid
NYE 2010
la cour est un lieu sacre
dad's shoes
Moon over Ondine
Ondine sleeping under my bed
je n'aime la truite qu'au bleu
Ondine at court
ondine inventario
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Ondine Cohane: Tokyo Delights

From Honolulu it was on to Tokyo. This was set to be one of the longest and possibly most difficult legs with the baby. It was a flight that would last nine daytime hours and when we got off in Narita it would already be 10pm in Hawaii. We flew ANA (All ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Ondine- Neil Jordan (2009)

Just in time for the debut of the $2,000 Jil Sander fisherman knit, Colin Farrell takes to the seas in Neil Jordan’s examination of working class Ireland. Billed as a selkie fantasy, and as such, overlooked at the box office, “Ondine” plays the same ... Source: Examiner

In Mark Morris Dance Group's anniversary tour, girlpower enchants with grace

Morris admires the British choreographer Frederick Ashton, and in some ways - the sweep of the dancing, the dancers' openness across the shoulders - this piece recalls Ashton's "Ondine," a 1958 ballet about a water nymph. Certainly the idea of protective ... Source: Washington Post

Keira Knightley Not Part Of David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’ With Robert Pattinson

How would Collin Farrell have made this an A list project? Last I checked, “Ondine” “Alexander” “Triage” “Pride and Glory” “Miami Vice” “The Way Back” and every other movie he’s been the star of in the last 5 years have flopped ... Source: Indie Wire (blog)

Canadians Taking Action on Oral Health in Peru with Kindness in Action

In 2011, due to generous donations from Ondine Biomedical , Periowave™ Dental Technologies and other sponsors, Kindness in Action will be able to send 13 different teams to areas in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia, Guatemala, and Ecuador. Source: Redorbit.com

Flynn is Ireland's go-to guy

Neil Jordan spent a decade trying to make a movie about the Borgias. It was only after he hooked up with Dublin-based producer James Flynn to shoot "Ondine" that they found an alternative route to get the stalled story onto the screen. Flynn, 45, is one of ... Source: Variety

Herring rebounding in San Francisco Bay after lean years

The waters off Sausalito between Ondine's and Sally Stanford's old Valhalla Inn, as well as Richardson Bay are among the hot spots. "It was really encouraging to see the herring back this year," said Sausalito resident Zeke Grader, executive director for ... Source: Marin Independent Journal

Talk of the Town: Rankin files a full report on lunch

After numerous requests the best-selling crime writer even provided details of the lunch, at upmarket restaurant Ondine - "booze, fish soup, booze, um, fish I think, booze, treacle pud, booze, coffee. Amnesia". He then added: "I think I remember signing a ... Source: Edinburgh News

Emile Sherman: Hollywood has abandoned interesting films

Yeah!'' he bellows. It's a brief celebration - no hugging, no champagne, quickly back to work - in the stylish boardroom of the Paddington office he shares with Voiceless's founders, his father, Brian, and sister, Ondine. As a producer, Sherman is a ... Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Seaweed cuisine on crest of a wave

That's the problem." Roy Brett, head chef at Edinburgh seafood restaurant Ondine, agreed. He said: "I really like working with sea vegetables. They do have a place on the menu. They give you so many nutrients and vitamins and we always get so many great ... Source: Scotsman