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Biology 1B - Lecture 32: Angiosperm life cycle and diversity
Peter Ustinov is lost
Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Kary Mullis - Nobel Laureate, Chemistry
Port Kelang (klang) gateway to Malaysia - Klang, Malaysia (klang orang asli village)
One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing (1975) Part 1
NIST Colloquium Series: Secrets in the Ancient Goatskin
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ERVs and the Nested Hierarchy
Lies in the Textbooks (video 4 of series A)
Mysterious World Forum - Episode 5
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One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing (1975, Opening)
The Human-Chimp Split: A Closer Look at the Fossil Record
Andromeda: Beauty And The Beast
Comets brought life to Earth - but do we want to know where else - or how much more evolved??
One of our Dinosaurs is Missing
My creatures for Primeval Series 4
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One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1975)
One of our dinosaurs is missing....possibly :D
One of our dinosaurs is missing....possibly :D
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Rare T-rexes are centerpiece of 'major dinosaur experience' at Los Angeles museum

He was the James Dean of dinosaurs," said Doyle Trankina, a museum Dinosaur Institute sculptor who helped on the Montana dig, as well as fashioned the missing bones for baby ... of Phil Fraley Productions, one of North America's finest fossil articulators ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Thom Fladung named managing editor of The Plain Dealer

Fladung has worked in nearly every department a newsroom has -- metro, sports, business and features -- and served as news editor, overseeing the daily production of Page One and supervising the night desks. He has led newspapers through significant ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Another year, another hottest year on record, another round of denial

For a long time, Position One — the planet isn’t warming — was the preferred position, but as the years roll by and the data roll in, it has become increasingly awkward to try to defend that claim. For example, despite all the attempts to claim a ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Tucson: Is Talk Media Off the Hook?

Might the emotional and often toxic opinions of Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and Fox News create enough anxiety within our nation so that a mentally unstable person in a moment of anger might snap? Anytime an assassination attempt is made on one of our nation's ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Missing Pieces from Statue of King Tut's Grandparents Found

Six missing pieces from a colossal double statue of King Tut's ... These pieces are currently being held at the site of Medinet Habu, in one of the side courts, but they will soon be relocated to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo for restoration and placement ... Source: YAHOO!

Spectacular view of Aitken Crater from sideways LRO glance

And usually, they are beautiful shots. Aitken Crater(~135 km in diameter) is of interest because it is is one of the most geologically diverse settings on the farside. The floor of the crater is covered in mare basalt, which are quite rare on the lunar ... Source: PhysOrg

Psychotherapy and the healing power of narrating a life

An important part of the psychotherapy process, as I understand it and have practiced it, involves constructing a narrative of one’s life. This may seem like a curious task given that we all know or should know the story of our lives. We’ve been ... Source: Scientific American

Did pterosaurs fly out of their eggs?

The 30 to 40 Darwinopterus fossils so far identified by researchers in China show a sharp distinction between two types – one with large crests and one without. A piece of Mrs T's skull is missing ... on horned dinosaurs did : Mrs T might lack a crest ... Source: New Scientist

Two days of music, dance, spoken word and more in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Though it may be interesting and fun to “walk amongst the dinosaurs,” as Heiser put it, while watching a dance performance or listening to some jazz music, the event may beg the question, “why.” “Many people wonder what the connection is with a ... Source: New Haven Register

Inventions Of The Evolution: What Gives Frogs A Face

However to be called a frog should actually be a reason to strengthen one's self-confidence ... Then she compared them with untreated larvae. "Our analyses with microCT show that the larvae without an intact 'FOXN3'-gene are developing normally up to a ... Source: Terra Daily