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One potato two potato
One potato two potato
I kicked that hole in the door with flip flops
Yeah I know the stars are horrible
Earl Jones and Bernie Hamilton
way too bored
Shoe I made In Clay
Still Needs More Stickers
So fucking hardxcore
One potato two potato
one potato two potato
Converse Love
one potato two potato
Ignore the floating eye
Kissy kissy
One potato two potato
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Southern fires serves up comfort one dish at a time

Southern Fires offers one large dining room broken up with wooden room dividers ... strawberry shortcake made with pound cake and vanilla ice cream and, of course, sweet potato pie. This is simple, satisfying fare, and the patrons of this big restaurant ... Source: Detroit News

STEPHEN FRIES: For Dorothy, Ann and Patty​ - We can all warm up to these two hearty soup ...

Hopefully, you will be able to get the recipe or know of a similar one. The soup is sweet potato and jalapeno corn chowder served at Elm City Brewing Co. in Keene, N.H.” After several attempts to get this recipe from the owner of the restaurant in Keene ... Source: New Haven Register

One Small-Town Hospital Gets it Right

My son was born on a Saturday morning, and by that evening Medical Center Hospital sent to my room a complimentary dinner for two: rib-eye steak, loaded baked potato, broccoli and cheese, dinner rolls, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice on ice (put in a ... Source: Associated Content

Not Quite a One-Woman Show

Memories of her family’s farm and vineyard in Calabria, in southern Italy, prompted Claudia Purita to buy a 28-acre potato farm in Southold in 2002 ... Her first vintage was in 2007. Her winery, One Woman Wines and Vineyards , makes about 2,000 cases ... Source: New York Times

Two Guys Lose Weight: The Cookie Diet begins (right after these cookies)

NOTE: This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six ... And I was quickly approaching the 14-cookie limit at a breakneck speed. So I ate a sweet potato. I need to stop having so much fun. Something tells me the Cookie Diet will help me ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Two cities, St. Petersburg and Tampa, strive to establish their own industry clusters

This is a story about St. Petersburg and Tampa, our metro area's two biggest cities, and their individual quests ... Tampa's five meat-and-potato industry clusters play to the city's strengths. Among the five are biotechnology — hence the Jackson ... Source: St. Petersburg Times

Brothers-All-Natural Introduces Two New Fruit Snacks: Vitamin-Rich Mandarin Orange and Antioxidant-Rich ...

All-Natural 100% Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks Provide a Convenient and Natural Way To Get Necessary Vitamins and Your Daily Servings of Fruit Brothers-All-Natural introduces two new Fruit Crisps ... dried fruit and potato Crisps, and Lost Vineyards; importing ... Source: YAHOO!

Sweet Potato, Carrot and Dried Fruit Casserole

Sometimes the dish contains meat (and is fussier than this one), but sometimes it’s just fruit and vegetables ... You can bake it a day or two ahead of serving; reheat it in a medium oven. Source: New York Times

In Search of the Perfect Potato

But to make French fries we also need a fairly high amount of solid content in the potato of about 22% to 24%. Unless you have these solids the French fries would soak up a lot of oil and get very limpy. That in one stroke ... a team of two agronomists who ... Source: Forbes

Plant a potato patch this spring

For instance, to make a walk to the store more fun, take a little one along ... of potato, not seeds. Buy certified disease-free seed potatoes. Do not plant potatoes you have purchased to eat. Cut the potatoes so each piece has at least two good eyes or ... Source: Macon Telegraph