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Fallen hero: Former Israeli prime minister faces public outrage over military scandal

JERUSALEM - A decade ago, Ehud Barak was a popular Israeli prime minister and war hero on the historic verge of making peace with Syria and the Palestinians. Today, he is widely reviled as the country's most despised leader. In his current post of defense ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Outrage at B'klyn judge's lenient sentencing

The judge who freed an alleged cop-shooter on pittance bail last year gave a sweetheart sentence Wednesday to a man who sold an assault rifle to an undercover cop – slicing a hefty prison stretch down to six months in jail, the Brooklyn DA fumed today ... Source: New York Post

Outrage’ exposes teen relationship abuse

And there’s a chance she could be a teenage girl. Teen dating violence does not exist in specific neighborhoods or cultures. It’s not gender-exclusive. MTV’s “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood often verbally abused her child’s father, Gary Shirley ... Source: Kansas City Star

Outrage over Choice of Having Boy Band Blue Represent the UK at Eurovision

They were once the biggest boy band in the UK, scoring several straight to number ones and best-selling albums. The boys from Blue have announced their musical comeback – and they’ve also been chosen to represent the UK at this year’s edition of ... Source: Softpedia

Outrage over Pepco's outages

Friday afternoon, a neighbor and I phoned Pepco four times to try to learn when our storm-pounded neighborhood would regain electricity. Everyone we spoke with contradicted everyone else. The first person insisted that Pepco had no record that our ... Source: Washington Post

Right Turn: More objections to selective outrage about the Holocaust

Last week I took to task the large group of rabbis who, after having not voiced similar objections to the equally egregious behavior of liberals, chose to go after Glenn Beck for his use of Holocaust language. Yesterday, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation ... Source: Washington Post

Bill restricting abortion draws outrage for ‘re-defining rape’

A bill sponsored by New Jersey Republican Rep. Chris Smith, and supported by pro-life advocates and 173 congressmen, to further restrict federal funding of abortion is alarming pro-choice advocates. The bill would deny tax credits to companies that allow ... Source: YAHOO!

Outrage, disappointment over police officer who allegedly lied about being shot

School and police officials expressed outrage and disappointment on Friday over allegations that Los Angeles School Police Department Officer Jeff Stenroos lied about being shot by an assailant outside El Camino Real High School last week. Los Angeles ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Afghan stoning video rekindles outrage

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Police officers investigating the double murder of a couple who were stoned to death in a prominent case five months ago could hardly have asked for more abundant evidence. There were hundreds of witnesses. The date, time and place of ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Continued outrage over BLM ATV trail fines

A number of local residents are continuing to voice outrage over a fine levied against two men from Blanding. Daniel Lee Felstead, age 38, and Kenneth James Brown, age 67, were fined $35,000 for working on an unauthorized road on Bureau of Land Management ... Source: San Juan Record