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Red Tailed Hawk Opolo 6
animatronic owl
Barn Sparrow Hunting
Saigon Electric - Teaser
Bird Lover s Passion to Help the Flightless
Red Tailed Hawk Opolo 20
The Kristine Sa Show - Episode #10 Film & Fashion [P2 of 4]
Red Tailed Hawk Opolo 2
Learn - All About Birds
CTA Service Reductions - Feb. 7, 2010
Hello Sparrow
Striated Scops Owl - Otus brucei
NETPAC winner interviewed by Ain't It Cool News
Snowy Owl Team One Waiting to Run!
Birds of Prey, demonstration, part 4
Tiny Heroes (Trailer + Testimonial)
Vietnam Overtures
Red Tailed Hawk Opolo 10
Singing Pet Bird - Straw-tailed Whydah... 'El Gran Caruso'
地球でいちばん幸せな場所 予告編
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Ode To Carulli - Mary Win (Original Music Video)
Cinco días en saigón (2009) - Trailer Oficial Español
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Owl and the Sparrow
Warrior Cats
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WINGING IT: There’s plenty of room in the House to Sparrow

Governor’s Academy, Byfield : Eastern Bluebird, Tufted Titmouse, American Goldfinch, House Finch, Bald Eagle, Song Sparrow, Northern Cardinal Pleasant ... Eastern Screech Owl, European Starling, Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, Mallard, Northern Cardinal ... Source: Abington Mariner

Student focuses study on the tiny flammulated owl

which is much larger than the flammulated owl, will prey on the smaller bird. “It's about the size of a sparrow,” said Carla Cammarata, director of Frisco's Sage Tutoring and Kay's vacation instructor. It's the smallest eared owl and is distinctive ... Source: Summit Daily News

Comprehensive concert and comedy calendar for the week starting 2/4

Soulnami, C.J. Sparrow Pub & Eatery, 908 S ... Anything Goes” open mic with J Cherry, Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center. Jim Oblon, The Owl Shop, 268 College St., New Haven; 203-624-3250. N.H.I.C. Workshop, Neverending Books, 810 State St ... Source: New Haven Register

Where have all the 'spatzies' gone?

Spatz” is the German word for “sparrow,” and spatzies ... as well as outdoor activities including an owl hike and, of course, eagle watching. Preregistration price for any or all activities is $10 for adults, $4 for youths 12 and younger. Source: Herald Times

From the archive, 10 February 1931: Kensington apt tomb for the wisest of fowls

An owl has been discovered in a bedroom in South Kensington — apparently it had chased an unfortunate sparrow down the chimney, and, having captured the sparrow, had been unable to get back. Surprise is expressed at its presence in such parts. Source: The Guardian

Peter Pringle: Art museum to feature Oscar-winning film Feb. 15

Other films include "Tokyo Sonata" (Japan), "Owl and the Sparrow" (Vietnam), "Old Partner" (Korea) and "Unmistaken Child" (Nepal). Students may register for the 1:30 p.m. or 7 p.m. class. Tuition is $45 for museum members and $55 for nonmembers. Source: Jupiter Courier

At Hueco Tanks, winter is prime birding time

Breeding birds include burrowing owl, white-throated swift and crissal thrasher ... Raptors such as the diminutive American kestrels — once called sparrow hawks — perch on power lines and fence wires ready to attack small birds and rodents. Source: Houston Chronicle

Moline Library showcases Audubon prints from 1858

The prints on display now are Great White Heron, American Sparrow-Hawk and Barn Owl. It is the second series of three prints the library has displayed. "These are valuable and should be enjoyed as a part of our culture," said Ms. Parsons. Ms. Fox ... Source: Quad Cities Onlines

Dakota Grassland Conservation Area Proposed

Ninety percent of the global population of Baird’s Sparrow breeds in the Prairie Potholes, and 86% of the Sprague’s Pipits. These areas are also crucially important to the Short-eared Owl, Long-billed Curlew, Marbled Godwit, Nelson’s Sparrow, and ... Source: Surfbirds News

Animation sure to draw big audiences to theaters in 2011

The last time Johnny Depp teamed up with director Gore Verbinski he came up with the half-insane Pirate of the Caribbean , Captain Jack Sparrow. This time they're ... personality Craig Ferguson is playing Owl, while John Cleese will be narrating. Source: WXYZ