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BE IN AN UPCOMING YouTube VIDEO!!! See description for details!!!
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Paper Heart
paper heart
my paper heart
my paper heart
paper heart
Paper Heart
paper heart
Paper Hearts
paper heart
Paper Heart
paper heart
paper heart
paper heart
Paper heart
paper heart
Paper Heart
Paper Heart
Paper Heart
paper rose paper heart
paper heart
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Paper Heart In The News

New, but still true: The People's Paper

We're going to stay true to the inspiring tradition of this paper - while updating our approach for the times ... None of these journalistic tree-shakers were blindly wedded to formula. They were all heart, like a great city tabloid has to be. Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Implantable Pumps Help Some Regain Heart Function

I think that the significance of this paper is what they've done is that they have kind of collated together the various studies that have been done looking at what happens to a failing heart once you put an LVAD in it on the molecular and structural and ... Source: WebMD

Dinosaur 'heart' looks like a bust

When the first paper defining this as a heart came out in 2000, the researchers did a great job putting forth a new idea based on the data at hand. But their ideas were pretty controversial. When NC State University got a new, higher resolution CT scanner ... Source: USA Today

Phone counseling can help lower heart disease risk

Dr. David Alter, an author on the paper, is the Chief Scientific Officer at INTERxVENT. The researchers wanted to know whether getting extra counseling, in addition to what patients usually get, would improve health in people with a high risk of heart disease. Source: msnbc.com

Phone counseling can help cut heart disease risk: study

A greater percentage of people at high risk for heart disease keep up their exercise and diet programs ... said data so far have been inconclusive. He noted that the paper only mentioned average blood pressure and did not talk about blood pressure in ... Source: Reuters

Art from the heart

A dollhouse-like box made of balsa wood and paper, the sculpture re-creates in miniature an aged building, now destroyed, that Evans had famously photographed for James Agee's book "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men," which documented the hardscrabble lives of ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Paper Napkins..by Michael

A memory that will live forever in our heart. It was back in 1965 when Frankie was invited ... A freshman who was 15 suddenly wipe his face and laughed. It took 2 paper napkins to clean him up. That is when it all began. Gail said hello as she introduced ... Source: Gather.com

Coroner: UGA grad assistant died of apparent heart attack

The University of Georgia graduate assistant whose body was found in the Fine Arts building on Tuesday morning died from an apparent heart attack, the Clarke County coroner told the Athens Banner-Herald. Coroner Sonny Wilson told the paper the 44-year-old ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

A heart-felt plea from grieving sister of dead officer

Instead he dies and his picture is what is on the front page of the paper, my family is on the front page of the newspaper not for anything good. None of you cared about Tommy or my family before he died but now I can’t look anywhere without seeing him ... Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com

HEART-Y BITES: Love your heart this Valentine season

Heart disease, including stroke ... Stir into oats mixture. Drop by spoonful on waxed paper or plate. Cool at room temperature or in refrigerator. Makes about 8 cookies; 113 calories, 5g (1 g saturated) fat, 14 g carbohydrate, 4 g protein, 40 MG sodium and ... Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch