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(HD) Goro@Welsh corgi 20090714 Tokyo Tower
Buster the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and his Tricks!
(HD) Sunflowers / 暑いよ~ 20100817 Goro@Welsh corgi
(HD) Goro@Welsh corgi 20090201 Mt.Fuji
(HD) Drive with Goro@Welsh corgi 20100808 ドライブ
Welsh corgi pembroke: Howling 101
(HD) Bubbles / シャボン玉 20100522 Goro@Welsh corgi
(HD) Sashimi / 刺身20100304 Goro@Welsh corgi
Goro@Welsh corgi 20070816 Pembroke
Ms. Lina (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) doing Agility
Toby - Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy
Goro@Welsh corgi 20080903 saury
Hawk 20090707 Goro@Welsh corgi [EX-F1]
Goro@Welsh corgi 20081027 park
Goro@Welsh corgi 20061024 Jack Russell Terrier 3
Goro@Welsh corgi 20080809 Ice cream
(HD) Sunflowers / ひまわり 20100812 Goro@Welsh corgi
coco - pembroke welsh corgi - black and white
Mole 20080612 Goro@Welsh corgi
威爾斯哥基犬Pembroke Welsh Corgi
(HD) Run 20100206 Goro@Welsh corgi
(HD) Bullet Train 20090212 Goro@Welsh corgi
The Very Exciting Dog 2 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Goro@Welsh corgi pembroke and flowers
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corgi puppy
cracking K9 manip
must play
Cara Lynn
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Jenny's Pembroke Welsh Corgi Stewart
Sadie the Corgi
Jenny's Pembroke Welsh Corgi Monica
when I grow up
pembroke welsh corgi puppy
Pembroke welsh corgi
I'm gonna get you
Under the Spotlight
Bear and Daisy
Can we go now
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Charlie at five weeks
Reapers: Lil Lightning
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Pembroke Welsh Corgi In The News

Five reasons why California Gov. Jerry Brown should keep the corgi dog

Jerry Brown and his wife Anne are considering making a Welsh corgi named Sutter a permanent member of the ... smart when he answers the eternal question about what breed he has: Pembroke or Cardigan? The correct answer is Pembroke (the Pemmies have no tail ... Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Personal trainer south london Celebrity Dog Names and Breeds

Sir Paul McCartney's Sheepdog is named 'Martha.' Author Stephen King keeps company with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named 'Marlowe.' Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and infamous for his stunts on 'Dancing with the Stars' has a Shar Pei named 'Coco Puff.' Source: Zimbio

Another MACH for 2011 - Dru and Pam

2011 is already looking to be a fabulous year for dog and handler teams in upstate NY. This past weekend Pam Murabito and her wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi , Dru, achieved their MACH (Master Agility Champion) title. Dru is now officially MACH Sua Mah Ain ... Source: Examiner

Offa's Dyke and Medieval British History

To protect his kingdom from hostile raids from the Welsh realm of Powys, Offa ordered the construction of an earthen barrier 60 feet wide and about 25 feet high, along with a deep furrow along the western side. The original barrier supported a series of ... Source: Associated Content

Afternoon adventures with Zeus

He had a good reason to be barking his little Pembroke Welsh corgi head off and frantically running alongside the backyard's chain-link fence. We had a visitor. A small shih tzu was looking at him gloomily from the other side of the fence. His paws were ... Source: Times Daily

The Buzz: Sutter tries out for first dog

The Pembroke Welsh corgi belongs to Brown's sister, Kathleen Brown . The former state treasurer and gubernatorial candidate is moving to Chicago. Jerry Brown's black Labrador, Dharma, died last year. Late Monday night, long after his inauguration was done ... Source: Sacramento Bee

Bob Bestler | Barking problem zapped for $10

I 've mentioned my dog Zoe before. She's a 7-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, and that means she is a dog with no tail. My wife and I have always thought that, without a tail to wag, she compensated by barking. Because her barker works just fine, thank you. Source: The Sun News

Man charged with animal cruelty

The Uncas Health Department condemned the apartment. Martel said she removed a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who had a growth on its rear the size of half a football, which was also covered in feces. She found two cages containing 18 ferrets. There was no food or ... Source: TheDay

Training new dog a treat for (almost) all

PLEASE!!" That was me. We have a new puppy. And Pepper the puppy has a pretty narrow potty window. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the second one in our house now, and she is as determined to tinkle outside as we are to stop yelling: "She's sniffing the carpet!! Source: Star-Banner

Canines in the classroom

Tossey, of the Pines, was at the noon dog training class with her good-natured, adopted Pembroke Welsh corgi, Seamus, who is 7. Tossey said she enrolled Seamus because, "I would like to have him be more obedient. I need the basics because I just took him ... Source: Delaware Wave