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Box Office Results: New Moon Helps Vampires Achieve World Domination! (Nov 20-22, 2009)
2012 Martial Law Police State Grid Matrix FEMA Caskets Chupacabras Planet PopTart Reptoids
2000 BBC Horizon Planet Hunters part 2 of 5
Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) discusses Get Smart & Republicans
trio-mind prison (exposing the illuminati and government)
Planet 51 - Xbox 360 Mowing Lawn...Great...
Peter Schiff on Jeff Rense Jan 14 2009 pt 1/4
Super Bowl XLIII Commercial Monsters vs Aliens 3D trailer
Stephen Hawking - (3/5) Into the Universe - Aliens
Trailer Planet 51 _2009_ - 1m53s - CineMagia.ro.flv
Dwayne The Rock Johnson interview for Planet 51 in HD
SELENA GOMEZ Live! Mexico Falling Down/ Naturally Teletón 2009 HQ
Planet 51, la película española más cara
Planet 51 Interview
Planet 51
Stephen Hawking - (1/5) Into the Universe - Aliens
Planet 51 - The Invasion Plans
House Session 2010-04-15 (13:44:51-14:45:05)
Your World IS Changing. 25/51
Your World IS Changing. 37/51
DISCLOSURE PROJECT Interview w/ Dr. Greer - Part One
5/13 Lucus at Brave New Books 1/27/2010: The Destroyer Star & The Future of Mankind
StudioDoblaje - Planet 51
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planet 51
Planet 51 06
Planet 51
Up close DVD cover
Planet 51 08
Planet 51
Planet 51
Head rough 1
Body rough
Planet 51 DS
Planet 51
Lem and Neera
Head on swivel base primed
Planet 51 wii screen
custom painted Eyeball Astronaut - Happy Meal toy - Planet 51 movie
Planet 51 13
Planet 51 -- Wii
Adult Alien 2
Lem and Chuck's bad romance
Kid Alien 1
Planet 51
planet 51
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Researchers question discovery of 'Goldilocks' planet

In that span, astronomers have reported more than 500 planets orbiting nearby stars, a gold rush sparked by the 1995 discovery of a large planet orbiting the star 51 Pegasi, some 51 light years away, by members of a Swiss team. However, mistakes happen in ... Source: USA Today

Kepler Finds Six-Planet Star System

The planet occupying the first orbit around it will be called Kepler ... We think this is the biggest thing in exoplanets since the discovery of 51 Pegasi b, the first exoplanet, back in 1995,” explained NASA expert Jack Lissauer. He is one of the lead ... Source: Softpedia

Planet Pulse in Cranberry rocks it with chic clothing by trendy designers

I am 51, and I still try to rock it," she says ... Los Angeles and Chicago. At one time, Planet Pulse sold a lot of items through Facebook and Twitter, because customers across the country were looking for pieces that were sold out in other cities. Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Planet Earth: 7 billion people in 2011

The first in-depth story will appear in the March issue, focusing on humans' impact on the planet's geology ... with by far the highest number of babies born every minute at 51. That means the probability of Baby 7 Billion being an Indian is higher than ... Source: Salon

Automotive Is Second-Most Trusted Industry On The Planet

Automotive came in at 69% -- a somewhat distant second, but well ahead of the three bottom-feeders: insurance (52%), banks (51%), and financial services (50%). So how did the auto industry nab the silver medal? For one, there's what we'd call the Underdog ... Source: TheCarConnection.com

After Dark's (Area) 51 to Premiere on Syfy Next Month?

Area 51 chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to provide a few well-known reporters with limited access to the most secretive base on the planet: Area 51. When one of the base's hidden "long term ... Source: DREAD CENTRAL.COM

Welcome to the 51% Project

It may just be as simple as putting forth the 1% of effort that becomes the tipping point for peace in your life and the lives of all living things you share this planet with. We all know the theory of 51%. In a corporate setting it's the person or group ... Source: Salon

Exclusive: Two Bloody New Images From After Dark Originals' 51

The film chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to decide to allow a select few well-known reporters limited access to the most secretive base on the planet: Area 51. But when one of the base's hidden ... Source: DREAD CENTRAL.COM

Report: Gulf oil spill was deadly time for turtles (3:51 p.m.)

More than 90 percent of North American sea turtle nesting happens on Florida's beaches. Five of the planet's seven species of sea turtles are found in the state. Four of those - green, hawksbill, leatherback and Kemp's ridley - are considered endangered ... Source: Las Cruces Sun-News

Ole Miss routs Tigers, 78-51

Chris Warren scored 18 points and dished five assists Saturday as Ole Miss routed LSU, 78-51 at Maravich Assembly Center for the ... and is the worst talent evaluator on the face of the planet. Fortunately, his fate is going to be quickly decided by the ... Source: Baton Rouge Advocate