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POKÉMON LOVE SONG (Original song, Original Pokémon!)
MISTY IN ROOTS - Wandering Wanderer - reggae 12 single dub
Misty Edwards Worship
When you taught me how to dance By INE BRAAT
Misty's Song
Let's Play Rockman Deus Ex Machina (Part 19) - Wily 5a (BOSS RUSH)
Until Then (a military tribute) featuring Homeward Bound
Mrs. Nerimon
Mercyful Fate-Lady in Black
I can't make you love me
Clint Eastwood - The South Bank Show - Part 2 (of 5)
Let's Play Grand Theft Auto III - (Ep. 3) - Two Hours Of The Only Life I'll Ever Live, Gone (PS2)
Taylor Swift Superstar
Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life (Sweden 2010 LIVE)
Cameron Quiseng's my Superstar♥ (Taylor Swift)
Let's Play Pokémon FireRed Omega - Part 12: Persisty Against Misty
Super Demo World: World 1 complete
Misty performed by Tal Farlow
Misty Edwards - Psalm 45
Misty sung by Emma Louise
Servant of all, by Misty Edwards
Misty Cummings Road Rage Investigation; victim speaks. Misty Croslin in more trouble.
You shall love Me, by Misty Edwards
Let's Play Pokemon Fire Red! Part 13 - Misty's a Whore.
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Year ahead looms as toughest yet for state budgets

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – If 2011 is hinting at a national recovery, there is little sign of it in statehouses across the country. States that already have raided their reserve funds, relied on borrowing or accounting gimmicks, and imposed deep cuts on ... Source: YAHOO!

Joe Sixpack: For great Scotch ale, leave Scotland

Strong enough to shake off the chills of a misty bog - that is Scotch ale. The country's other, lighter beers are carefully (if not ridiculously) distinguished as "Scottish" ale. More precisely, those ales - malty but less filling - are labeled as 60-, 70 ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Misty Gonzales Talks Hippies, Her New Album and Her Cirque du Solei Inspired Stage Show

I could go on for days! Kendra: Again, you have this genuine feel to your music which reminded me of women in the 90's who took part in Lilith Fair. If that came back, would you be down to play it? Misty: Of course! Woman can rock the mic, and can do it in ... Source: American Chronicle

Watch Matt & Kim Beat the Crap Out of Each Other in Their New Music Video for "Cameras"

The visuals match the song's misty sway and mysterious pull ... And the music sounded very 80s to me-- when MTV first came out, I was young and every single music video was so exciting. There were no rules and everything seemed really out there. Source: Pitchfork

The three cheapest dinners for your kids ever

Fair warning: These are three very cheap, kid-friendly and satisfying dinners, but that doesn't mean they are the healthiest, gluten free, vegan, or even organic. They are food. They are cheap. The kids will eat them. You will have done your job as a ... Source: Olympian

Freshman Ellington's confident play helps USC

Coach (Darrin) Horn told me to go out there and do what I gotta do to help get ... but the one thing you can count on him is even if he doesn't play well, he's going to be competing and playing to win." Ellington wasn't sure what sparked his hot afternoon ... Source: Gainesville Sun

GOP Stresses Need For Mental Health Services, Despite Pushing For Repeal Of Aid

Following Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, some Republicans have argued that 22-year old assassin Jared Lee Loughner was more affected by his mental illness than the nation’s lax gun control laws or Washington’s divisive and often times ... Source: Think Progress

It's won and done for Cam Newton

Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton will skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft after leading Auburn to a national championship and drawing nearly as much attention for a pay-for-play scandal as ... was difficult for me and my family," Newton said ... Source: St. Augustine Record

Tim Weisberg: Loss a character builder for young Pats

We picked the wrong time to play our worst game of football," receiver Deion Branch said, his eyes misty and his voice even more quiet ... team to a Super Bowl championship. "It's tougher for me to see some of these younger guys that have come a long way ... Source: South Coast Today

Bound by a passion for music and comedy, Armisen and Brownstein meet in 'Portlandia'

It seems so dreamy to me," Armisen, a New Yorker , says of the Oregon city. "It's kind of misty because of the rain ... recurring "Weekend Update" routine with Kristen Wiig where they play an unprepared singing duo, improvising lyrics as they go. Source: Big Hollywood